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[APP] YouLess and Enelogic Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader

FYI: The Youless LS120 is compatible with

  • Dutch and Flamish smart meters via P1 (including day/night tariff, production/usage, and gas)
  • any S0 pulse meter
  • any meter that can be read with a optical sensor (e.g. LED pulse or turning wheel)

For Flamish-Belgian P1 smart meters you need to install new firmware:


For Homey to be able to read out the youless it is required to install the -EL version firmware.

I live in the Netherlands so no problem but thanks for your information.

Where in the help menu does it say you need to add it as LS110/120 E?

In andere gevallen kies je LS110/120 E…Het staat er toch echt.

It also states that you have to use P1 if you have a P1 connection to your smartmeter, and that you can add S0 as an additional device.

Add a new device via the Homey tab `Devices`. Use the `LS120 P1` if you have a P1 connection to your smart meter. Otherwise choose the `LS110/120 E`. On request enter the fixed IP address. If you want to use the S0 and/or the water meter, you can simply add these as an additional device.

But I see I can make the text a bit more clear


For feature request is this the right place?
If not point me in right direction.
I’m using the S0 input to track the production of my solar panels. What I would like to have added in the overview of the device (currently showing current production and production total) is for example the total production of the day and peak production of the day. I now have made numerous flows to create this data, but can only be viewed as variables in logic.

Understandable request. And you are not the first asking for it. I would also like to have it in Homey. But I strongly feel this should be a core reporting functionality of Homey itself. See for instance this discussion:

In the mean time I am using http://www.enelogic.com for my overview insights.

Point taken and very understandable from a developer point of view. Too bad history tell us that waiting for athom to make such features can take a while :wink:
But if you feel bored somewhere over the next few weeks nobody here will stop you to do so anyway :grin:

Day production would be a very nice option.

Got bored this aftenoon :stuck_out_tongue:


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So if I’m correct a Youless with the specific PV Output firmware will not be read by Homey? I have the PV Output firmware and I get the error message “Apparaat niet beschikbaar invalid content-type.cExpected application/json but recieved text/plain”.

Exactly, you need the EL firmware

@Gruijter Thanks.

Ooops, main advantage of PV Output (for me) is that I can combine the output of my solar panels (direct upload) with the Youless (P1) readings. In Enelogic I would need an extra kWh counter (via S0) but my switchbox is already fully equiped. Makes it a bit more challenging.
A script seems floating around that exports from Enelogic to PV Output, but I haven’t found it yet.

The LS110/120E driver works with the PV firmware, but it only provides very basic info to Homey.

Is it possible to make the “Energy Total” date dependent? This is very handy so that you can see what your usage is within a year (following your energy contract). Now I can only see that i have used -430.696KWh since the meter is installed.

In Insights you can always go back to the date when your contract starts, but you have to manually substract the totals.

The enelogic.com website however provides much more insights, including wether your energy usage is on par with your contract and with similar users.

Third option is to use the ‘power by the hour’ app, but that only totalizes the usage per hour/day/month. https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.gruijter.powerhour/Power-by-the-Hour/

Installation of the Youless LS120 to a Smart meter P1 & Water meter S0.

Today I installed the Youless LS120 and linked it to my new smart meter.
The LS120 has the possibility to use the P1 and S0 port at the same time.
In order to get the correct reading device I used the the follow link to select one:

[Water Meter Sensor Selection]

The installation of the puls sensor was very simple. Mount the yellow wire to the S0 + and the Black wire to the S0 - of the LS120.

When you connect the LS120 to you network and access it via the IP adders, do not change the settings for P0 (imp./kWh). In the Youless portal the number are correct but not the units. In Homey it has the correct unit: M3 for water.
Next was the installation of the app in Homey. I used “Enelogic and Youless” for this. Thanks @Gruijter for this nice app. :ok_hand:t2:
I selected first as device LS120 P1. After this device driver was installed the data was visual in Homey.
Last thing I needed to do was to add the water meter to Homey. I made a mistake by selecting LS110/120W because I thought this was the device to measure the water. After installation no data was available in Homey but I saw data coming in on the LS120. In a split second it was clear to me that I selected the wrong device driver. The right one is: LS120 S0. After the installation of this device (select: water) the installation was complete and the water meter was added to Homey.

Homey Insights is not really user friendly to show data or slice and dice data. I hope in future updates this will change. For now I am happy to have a better overview and more insights on my water, gas and electricity consumption.
My solar panels are also linked to Homey and in Energy section of the App the current power produced is visible and also the total net Power. This view I like to see on sunny days. :blush::sunny:

Youless Elektra


Very nice tutorial Rob!

Thanks for sharing this.

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I made a smal update and added the Youless installation to it.
Do you think the Youless portal (firmware) will be updated for the S0 part so we will be able to select different units for S0?:
S0 Meter :m3
S0 Power: l/min.

I have been in close contact to youless about this topic. But they do not intend to support water/m3/liter straight from the firmware. But for the Homey app it doesnt really matter what unit the firmware is using.

I never used the Youless portal, only the Homey app Enelogic and Youless. It’s ok for me. :slight_smile: