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[APP] YouLess and Enelogic Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader

is it possible to read the values every second with a DSMR5.0 smart meter and report it every second to homey?

I believe that the minimum update time is 10s for dsmr.

in the DSMR5.0 implementation it is possible to update the values every second. Firmware of youless is supporting it. But can i see also in Homey the value updates every second?

@VvBemmel I set the minimum app poll rate to 10s. But Im willing to change that to 1s if I can test the stability on your meter. Give me pm if you are ok with that.

Great! I dont have the device not yet, but when i have i will send a pm. Thanks for your support!


It’s a great app, that works fine.

Would it be possible though to make the 110/120W (watermeter) also work with the S0 port? I have allready a sensus puls meter and I attachés it to the youless S0 port. It works fine if I use the energymeter for it, but it would be better if it worked with your watermeter app.

it woul be greatly appreciated.

Your wish is already fulfilled @MFM_Bart :hugs:. Just add the LS120 S0 as device, and select ‘WATER’ during pairing. Go have fun now :surfing_man:‍♂ :swimming_man:‍♂ :rowing_man:‍♂ :shower: :bath:

your great,

That was a very vast response. It works.


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My Homey was updated to version 2.4.1 in the weekend and ever since then my beautifull Enelogic P1 Power LED Screensaver stopped working. (I only get a single red ‘digit’)
I have restarted the Homey and I can confirm that the Enelogic is properly connected because in the Devices part I can see that the values are changing.

I am sorry if I am posting this problem in the wrong way, I am having some trouble understanding this format of forum. And I was hoping someone else was having this problem.

No problem. App issues can best be posted on github (link is on the app page in the athom appstore). Anyhow, the ledring problem was already registered by someone else, and in fact I have already made a fix. It will be released as soon as Athom approves it.

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I would definately like the watermeter option! :slight_smile:


Just to make sure that you already have the following options with the youless for water metering:

  • use the optical sensor (can be inaccurate after a while, but no extra cost)
  • use the s0 port on the ls120 with a pulse meter (you need to buy the pulse meter as extra, which is around 80-100 euro)

To have the youless support water metering over the optical sensor from its internal firmware would be as accurate as a pulse meter, but without the extra cost. Please contact youless via this form to ask if they are willing to include it in their firmware: http://www.youless.nl/contactformulier.html

V2.5.5 is pending approval in the appstore. The readme is updated, and a fix was implemented for the ledring during power production.



I installed the app and works great.
Connected to home assistand and works also.

Is it possible to add an extra content?
What my solar panels produced total today.

In homeassistant it shows it.
And in homey not.

Hi Gerben, thx for the suggestion. But the totalization of power usage/production over time is something I do not want to incorporate in my app. It should be a reporting feature from Homey itself. Maybe Athom can include more statistical views in insights, or in some other way :soon:

The way I get these type of statistics is to use the Enelogic website. There I get a dashboard with all the energy statistics. This service works with the youless and is free with history limitations, or paid for longer history.

Another way to get totals per day is to make use of Homey variables. See this item: Wie heeft er mooie flows gebaseerd op de opwekking van zonnepanelen en wil die delen?

v2.5.6 was just released in the Homey appstore. It has a small fix for LS120 P1 Gas usage.

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v2.5.7 was released today in the app store. It brings back the LED ring for legacy (old) Enelogic devices.

V 2.5.9 has just been released in the app store. It adds the possibility to mark the S0 port as a ‘cumulative’ meter for Homey V3 Energy.

Did you know by the way that the Youless and Enelogic app is already fully compatible with Homey Energy?

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V2.6.0 is already here. Now you can mark the S0 port as solar panel meter for Homey V3 Energy.

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Thank you @Gruijter for adding the option to mark the S0 port as a solar panel meter.

I have another youless S0 device that measures the power consumption to our Electric vehicle (EV). Would be nice if we also can mark the S0 port as an EV for Homey V3 Energy.

Thanks for your awesome app!

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