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[APP] YouLess and Enelogic Dutch Smart Meter Reader


Issue of error log has been resolved in (beta) version 2.5.0, great work Gruijter!

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A new app version 2.5.1 is waiting for approval in the appstore. This adds support for pulse water meters via the S0 connection of the LS120.

Many thanks to @TedTolboom for providing part of the code and for testing!



The new app is now available in the appstore :partying_face:

I just found out there is an issue with the Homey LED ring if you have both the P1 (smart meter) and S0 (power or water) paired in Homey. I will fix this in the next version.



v2.5.2 is uploaded to the appstore, and waiting for approval by Athom.

It fixes the ledring. Actually, there are now 3 Enelogic screensavers to chose from in Homey. One for P1 (power usage), one for S0 (power or water usage) and one for optical (power or water usage)

Also a bug in the optical watermeter (flow trigger card) was fixed.



The app works well on my iPhone,
The measured values ​​are also correct.
see Appendix.

But in Homey Insight I have many flat lines. if I move the mouse over the line then the right values ​​will appear in the right-hand corner. also for longer days of measurements. see Appendix

I also ordered an Elstar falcon PR6 sensor for my water meter.
it will arrive in 2 weeks. I don’t know if it needs an external voltage. when I connect it to the S0 bus.

I’ll keep you informed



No, the Elstar Falcon PR6 sensor has an internal battery; so you only need to connect the S0 bus.




Ok great, makes it a little easier.

Do you also have those flat lines in Homey Insight?



The ‘flat lines’ seem correct. Those are the power meters that do not change much over time. Look at the y-scale (KWh). They seem correct :slight_smile:



I see in my insights that some numbers are cut off if there are decimals. Is this in your control or will Athom need to fix it?

See on the left for the waterdoorstroming, it should read 0.5 and 1.0. But instead the first digit is missing.

Changing the timeframe to allow something without decimals works okay.



Please make an issue with Athom. The insights webpage is in their hands.

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it is true that the values correspond exactly with what the smart meter indicates.

But it would be better if the consumption or production could be seen in relation to the time.

That you can see for example, you chose 24 hours. You will see in production that you have generated electricity between 8:00 and 15:00.

But that only works if you want to see graphs.

the output in the app is good.



@Top_Homey I’m not sure If I understand you correctly. The production over time is represented by the power graph. See below example of the power of a single day. If your house is drawing power from the grid, it is represented as a positive number. If your house is delivering power to the grid, it is represented by a negative number. So in below example graph you see that power was produced to the grid between 9am and 2pm.

How is that different from what you are looking for?

And with HomeyV2 Insights, but from a different day, it is exactly the same (just the way that Athom displays it, the 0 line is not so easy to recognize)




if you look at my pictures a few posts above. then you see that there is in (productie piek en dal) is an almost flat line.

the same goes for (stroommeter piek en dal).

Maybe I can explain it better, if you look at the gas consumption you see what you have consumed per hour.

And with gas meter you see the total consumption absolute. If you then take a time span of a year then you see the total consumption rise.



This is what i mean, that if the line goes below 0 watts. then the production peak should go up.
For the same value as what it goes down.



Ah, well. There are only two ‘real time’ meters: Energie and Gas. The others are cumulative meters, so they do not show actual usage. They just represent the meter value as you can see on your physical smart meter. If you want to do more advanced Insights based on the data, please use an external graphics engine, or ask Athom to create more fancy graphics :slight_smile:



Ok now I get it, maybe Athom will make better graphics in the future.
thank you for your explanation.

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My water meter sensor has arrived and i connected it. but it doesn’t work. I thought you also have a Elster-PR6.
Which wires have you connected to the S0 bus. I have black GND and the yellow CH1P. but see no consumption.
this is the connection diagram.



@Top_Homey sorry, missed your comment.
Yes, using the blakc GND and yellow CH1P connections linked to the S0 bus of the Youless.

Just some checks:

  • You removed the tape from the sensor window before installing and installed it correctly on the watermeter?
  • If installed correctly and connected it to the youless, can you check the settings of the Youless meter at the Youless interface http://[IP of Youless]/m? The “S0 imp/kWh:” should be set to 1000 (pulses per kWh, aka pulses (liter) per M3)



The reason it didn’t work was that I had chosen the LS110 / 120 W driver. Values ​​were measured but not the right ones.
Then I selected the driver LS129S0 and it worked immediately.



Nice app, for homey. I’ve donated via your Paypal.


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