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Apps currently not working on Homey v5

Very nice m8!

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LaMetric App is available for download in the community store. It works.

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I’m currently working on the com.irobot.roomba980 to bring compatability for v5.


First test version is available now! https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.irobot.roomba980/iRobot/test/

Pfff, this topic scared the hell out of me and then it earned me a badge :muscle:

I thought I was ready to go for V5 until I noticed MQTT Client on this list which is essential for me…
After looking into the app store it was not the same app I’m using: there is a newer MQTT app that does work with V5. Added this info to the list!

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Edited , added problem with creating new group of battery devices.

has anyone tried “Aqara & Xiaomi zigbee” and “HomeyKit”? those are the main apps I use

Yes, works for me. But there are still problems here and there.
For more Details: Aqara & Xiaomi / HomeyKit

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LaMetric 0.9.2 now works

Any info on when it of if it is available on the official app store?

That depends on Athom. Download it from the Community App Store. The apps there are usually more up-to-date than those in the official store.

Please take version 0.9.0. Versions 0.9.1 and 0.9.2 do not work on my Homey pro. At least 0.9.0 is not updated by the newer versions.

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