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Aqara Button won’t work until a light is turned on?!


I have an Aqara button and a Philips Bloom lamp which are in a flow. Both directly connected to Homey, no hubs.

The flow is initiated by the button, which then has a “And” card for “lamp is off” and “Then” turn on/off based on current status.

This works absolutely perfectly, but about a week-10 days ago it stopped. It’s as if the button “times out”. After a couple of hours without use, you cannot turn it on. I even moved the button and clicked right in front of Homey - no response. I also tried creating another flow which sends me a push message - no response.

But if I manually run the lamp flow, or turn the lamp on under devices - the button works afterward, for both the lamp and notification flows I created…

How does this make any sense?


Did you try to re-pair the button?


Well, it does work, after turning on or off that lamp, and it did work great before when used for controlling an outlet.

I don’t think the button is the problem, but I’ll try deleting it and re-adding.