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Aqara motion sensor constantly triggering motion alarm


I recently bought an Aqara Motion sensor (battery) and I am having problems. It seems to be constantly triggerin motion events when noone is in the room. I had to disable the turn_on_lights flow, otherwise it was constantly turning lights on and off during the night. Has anyone else struggled with this?

There are no curtains flapping, no flies flying.

I also have a trådfri sensor, which works really well, but wanted a sensor reporting lux also, although the fact that Aqara only reports light levels when there is a motion event does limit its usefulness.


Do you have devices like fans or air conditioners in the room? A motion sensor doesn’t actually sense motion, it senses temperature differences. Open windows, where colder air from outside blows into the room, are also a possible reason for false triggering.

There is an air conditioning unit, but it is not in the same room and there is not a direct line of sight from it to the sensor. No open window, but the window does have a ventilation hole.

The sensor is in the kitchen.

Have you tried using the sensor in another room?

actually, no. Good idea, will try that.

Right now, I have it wrapped in a towel, just to see if it is malfunctioning.

I can confirm your malfunction with the Aqara. For me, 3 Aqara sensors show the same behavior. It only improved after repeated resets. Devolo Zwave motion detectors also show this ghost switching, but only 2-3 times a day.