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Aqara opple - how to use it in flows

like to thank Ted for adding the Opple switch.

However, can somebody explain me how I can use this in flows? I see Button and Scene, which values to use?
I have the double “old” aqara switch, but this seems to work differently.

Adding was no problem, but now getting the 6 buttons to work…

Seems not that complex, but maybe i’m misunderstanding the question.

There are, like you said, two options. Either use the scene, where you directly choose which button and what action (1x press, 2x press, release, etc) and then bind an action or you use button where you have to go to the ‘and’ section to use a tag to control the button and scene.


Whereas the last scene tag, i’m not sure what to enter.

started the wrong way…

thanks for your help.

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