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Aqara sensors stopped working?

Hi, I recently added a few more Aqara sensors to my setup at home. I used to have just 3 temperature sensors and 2 smart plugs, and now I added more and have a total of:
4 Aqara Motion sensors
5 Aqara Temperature sensors
3 Aqara Window/door-sensor
2 Aqara Smart plug with power meter

Now I’m having issues with some of the temperature sensors not updating anymore, and motion sensor not working 100% as intended. I have read something about a number of max Zigbee units, but from my setup I can’t really say I’m at that limit yet ?

Any help is appreciated to solve my problem here to get all units working.

This should work fine with 2 routers. But the router below your other router is offline, that doesn’t help, and can ‘confuse’ your mesh. That smartplug should be on mains 24/7.
Try this, maybe it helps

The ‘thing’ with the “?” signs where the route icon should be, is pretty common. Please report it @ Athom, hopefully a fix is on it’s way…

Hi and thank you. Both smart plugs are plugged in 24/7. One is constantly switched on, and the other has an autoswitch after not beeing used for 15 minutes - however always plugged in. Both smart plugs are even working, so it’s weird that one of them shows as offline. Will report the error to Athom.

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The one which is switched off automatically, should stay online as router.
If that isn’t possible I wouldn’t use it anylonger. It messes up your mesh.

The auto off should be (and as far as I’ve seen for all my types of sockets) for the output, not for the socket itself with its Zigbee. But I don’t have this specific type of Aqara plug.

That seems to make sense. But the zigbee should stay up indeed.

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