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Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.8.0 | Test: v1.0.0)

Hello buddy developer, is it possible to make the flood sensor xiaomi available? Thank you

The answer is given many times in this topic :wink:

Sorry, but I’m French and it would be too long for me to read post by post, can you give me a summary please

And iam dutch so very bad excuse :rofl::rofl: dutch french englisch korean or mof doesnt matter the search will do the job, You can even search only in this topic.




Hey guys - having a little issue with an Aqara switch - I have a 1x and a 2x scene, one to toggle a light (1x) and one to set a dim level (2x) or not depending on the dim value

However, I’d say there’s a 50-50 chance of my light going off (almost as if it’s reacting to the 1x too quickly) - is there anything I can do to correct for this?

Just received, now connecting with Homey :wink:


So, I think I reached the limit or something. I have 24 devices at the moment including 2 inner powered wall plugs. So according to the 20 sensors per zigbee router “rule” I should be able to connect 60 devices. Sadly Homey won’t accept extra devices anymore. If I try to add a device like Aqara temperature sensor, a door sensor it times out. (never had this problem before). Even extra Inner SP120 plugs won’t add to the network anymore. After some searching it seems like I’m not the only one with this problem, but I’ve also read post with users with more than 70 devices.

I’ve tried, restarting. PTP (20 minutes wait) restarting… Close to the Homey initializing… nothing seems to do the trick. The only thing I did not try is rebuilding the Zigbee network. This will damage so much flows if I all need to fix them. Any idea’s?

Hi @TedTolboom,

I’ve managed to get the Aqara B1 Curtain Controller to work. I use this to set the curtain position:

this.node.endpoints[0].clusters.genAnalogOutput.write(0x0055, value); // Value is 0-100.

I can give you the full source tonight if you like, just let me know!




Brief update on WIP.

I’m working on finalizing the support for the Aqara B1 controller.
The contribution of @Paul_van_Grinsven is helping to counteract my limited time available. Much appreciated Paul!.

On the requests for adding support for the three Opple scene controllers (2, 4, and 6 button controller).
I didn’t see much feedback on the support request of @Geurti (except for his own contribution).
In order for me to add support, I will need to order the controllers myself and still need ~ 30 euro to reach the goal to order these new controllers.
@BBL, @Cory, @Homdom (or anyone else) willing to support this activity with a Paypal donation for the Aqara Opple switch?


Just donated 15 euro.

Just sent over €10 - thanks!

I still love this community… :heartbeat:

Thanks for all the contributions received.

The Opple switches will be ordered today and a special Opple release has been made possible by: @Geurti, @Orjan_Solbakken, @Cory, @Homey_Lampje and A. Petrovic


That’s nice news Ted!

And here you have €10 for some beer while working on the opple.
Thanks for your god work👍

@TedTolboom tnx! Just donated € 10 so you can buy more beer :wink:

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Is there any plans to add support for Aqara Rolling shutter motor?

€20 for required beer or coffee, Ted :slight_smile:

Search the thread for info on this

@Tomas_Woren see my original proposal: Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.6.2)

So far I didn’t see any response on people willing to support the Aqara Rolling shutter motor.
Since it will require an investment of ˜80 euro, adding support will require some additional community contributions.

Since it is X-mas, I’ll use @Axel’s coffee / beer donation (thanks!) as first contribution (@Gas and @BBL secured sufficient beer for the Opple integration), so 60 euro’s remaining…