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Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.8.0 | Test: v1.1.4)

An offcourse you can also pull the curtain gently to open or stop
Is this feature available on the Aqara B1 Curtain Controller when paired directly with Homey or does it only work when using a Xiaomi hub?

It is available on the B1 curtain when both paired directly or using the Xiaomi hub

Thanks TedTolboom for the confirmation. Do I need to activate the feature through the device settings or is the soft pull open/close feature activated by default. I read somewhere that this feature is only available when “manual mode” is activated through the Xiaomi Hub. Thanks again in advance!

Don’t feel stupid.
Wifi 2.4GHz and Zigbee are both on the 2.4GHz (as with Bluetooth, non wifi wireless microphones, non wifi wireless camera’s and other security devices)
Because it’s a free band to use for a variaty of devices.

Please check the wifi 2.4GHz channel and the Zigbee channel and make sure they don’t use the same frequency.

First thing I should have done was reboot my homey and router… I don’t know why but it never crossed my mind that it could be my router causing this issue.

And yes, I have my Wi-Fi running on another channel than zigbee

Probably not something that Ted can do something about, but it kinda scares me that Zigbee devices stop working when the internet is down.

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Ssst that’s my ransomware… linked to my PayPal account

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Well, you deserve something from all users, as I understand your app is one of the most used, and you put in a lot of effort. It sure is just if the app stops if you don’t get something back :slight_smile:

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Not when the internet is down, just when the channels interfere.
Many modern routers are auto scanning for busy channels and switch to less busy channels automatically. Hence sometimes switching to a channel that overlaps with your Zigbee channel.
And this can not only a problem because of your own router, it can also be the one of your neighbor that is too strong at some places.

thank you for the great application. I currently use it with several Aqara switches and Xiaomi sensors. Now I wanted to add a new Aqara temperature sensor, unfortunately, the device is not visible to the homey - the addition process will expire (time out). In total, I have about 14 devices connected in Homey, so I hope that I have not reached the limit of the Zigbee protocol (however, I can add other Zigbee sensors just temperature no). Any idea how to connect a new sensor?
Thank you very much for your help!

Just keep trying :slightly_smiling_face:. Restart Homey, wait a while and try again.

Thanks for the advice. I tried it almost the whole weekend and nothing :frowning:

Yeah it can be frustrating. I wasnt able to add aqara water leak sensor for days and suddenly later it went on first try.
Try reseting sensor by holding the button unless it stops blinking, wait a while and try to add it on the place, where it will be used.