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Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.8.0 | Test: v1.2.5)

Yes did that also. last week with all of them

Did you fix this issue in that way? (remove the battery for about 10m)

Sorry, too long ago to remember…

Did you measure their voltage with a proper multimeter? The app readings are not always realistic

I encounter the same issues. Inconsistent behavior of those motion sensors that triggers a light. Sometimes light goes on, sometimes they do not…

Yes i measure 3.056V on the battery. Today i will recieve 10 pieces of new batteries and will do a double check

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Yes for me the same. Complete unreliable. sometimes they trigger instant but mostly with a delay or not at all.

More and more sensors are offline for long periods of time. before this whole zigbee rewrite it was quite stable but now it is horrible. 60% of the sensors are in the network… but do not give any data back. Temprature, door, motion, vibration all are offline for 14 days to 2 months. Of course i can read add them or do a complete zigbee reset but that is just bs if we need to do this every month. Really at the end of this whole zibee missery.

And yes I changed the adapter, and yes I already performed a zigbee antenna update etc etc

Can you contact Athom support to see what is going on?

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Ok will do that… what is the best way to contact Athom support?

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Just in case, all are sure your wifi vs zigbee channel setup is 100% OK?


Looks fine to me!

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I don’t know if I have the same problem …

I have two Aqara motion sensors triggering the lights. After a while they stop working (though not at the same time). They’re still visible in Homey but no motion is detected. Only after deleting and repairing the motion sensor I can get it to work again.

I have not been able to figure out why the motion sensor just drops out … any ideas?

Many ideas… but there are many parameters not shared by you. Please read around and if not successful, simply contact Athom, with generating diagnostic ID .

Some good start :

I do see the same behavior for other devices like this temperature sensor…still in the network but not updating any data. (Battery is new)

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What tool did you use to check the interference?


Interference check

Zigbee network and channel info


WiFi channels-1-6-11-only

I have several zigbee curtain motors in my house. I would like to reverse the direction so that closed is closed and open is open. Now is open with some curtains closed. In the original Aqara app / hub this can be turned around.

Search this topic for reverse direction, seems to be possible.