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Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.3.5)

I have upgraded to V5.0 and this app is 1.2.4 right now.
Some aqara door-sensors stopped working since the upgrade, not sending the status anymore.
What’s the best solution outside delete and re-adding them?

Try removing their battery for a minute or 10.

After re-adding all my Aqara devices it works like before now.
There was no chance to get the existing devices to function.

I had a lot of troubles adding zigbee devices. Could not add any aqara devices for quite a while already. I saw other persons reporting similar issues above in this topic, so I decided to give it another try. And I just added 3 aqara devices in 10 minutes.

They are all routed through a philips hue bulb and working fine. 2x temp sensor, 1x occupancy sensor.

I don’t know if and what has changed, I’m running v.5.0.0 and app 1.2.4 now and happy to report it works. I was very in doubt to reset my Zigbee network because I could not at any devices, but decided to wait till the stable V5.0.0 firmware release.

Total Zigbee devices at 40 now, about half of them a router (all Hue). And everything working very responsive and stable for months already.

Anyone here that recognizes motion events being ignored even though the Lux is updated successfully? It concerns only the aqara motion sensors, my other aqara (contact) sensors work 100% correct.
What I would see when I walk through a sensor is that the Lux value is update (“a few seconds ago”) but it never registers the motion trigger. This makes me suspect that it’s not a problem with the actual connection to homey but more with how the app interprets these triggers.

Appreciate any input and thoughts :slight_smile:

Turns out that Aqara is now shipping a new generation of sensors, likely based on the Zigbee 3.0 specification. See the announcement end of last year: New Aqara T1-series Zigbee 3.0 devices finally available - Lounge - Hubitat
Which can be recognized by the Zigbee Z logo printed on the side / back of the device.

Like with this Aqara water leakage sensor: Homey v5.0.0 (Stable Release) - #191 by TedTolboom

If your inclusion of a sensor results in it to be added as a Generic Zigbee device, please send me a note with the details.

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Hi. I got a few aqara gyro switch. These switch used to be working properly but one day, I accidentally remove them from the homey. During the removal, there is some error, fro that day onward, I can’t add to the system anymore. Anyone can help. Thanks.

Hi Ted! Since the update to v1.2.4 I can’t add anymore Xiaomi sensors. I haven’t reached the device limit, Homey just can’t find any devices.

Edit: did a full zigbee reset, now everything is fine.

I just orderd some new wireless switches (WXKG06LM). But i can’t get them to connect in homey 5.0 with the Beta version 1.2.4 of Aqara.

Can somebodyhelp me ?

Problem Solved!

  1. PTP (20 min)
  2. Restart
  3. Battery change Aqara Temp. Sensor
  4. No connection
  5. Zigbee Reset
  6. Connected!!

Thanks. I also reset the zigbee and they work again.

Reset zigbee need to read everything everything?

Reset the zigbee? As loosing all the devices in your network?

Sorry, I meant that once I reset my zigbee network, I need to add all my zigbee device back again one by one. Is there anyway that I can go backend to cleanup devices that not remove properly?

reset the zigbee network en go to backup

Hey. @TedTolboom
After quite a few problems with my zigbee network, I decided to perform a zigbee network reset.
All devices were successfully removed after the reset.
First started connecting all routers before connecting the end devices. No problem at all with hue, lidl, frient.
But with the aqara wall switches I keep getting error messages. I am not using aqara hub. Homey v5 and aqara v1.2.4
Restart app and ptp for 45min gave me no result.
I have not yet connected the end devices such as door and window sensors and motion detectors, as I first want all routers to work. Currently 18 routers have been successfully connected. (No aqara) On the dev website, the aqara wall switches give me the name: Unkown.
When adding, I get the message "something went wrong adding this device, please try again.
I use these switches: Xiaomi Aqara D1 Wandschakelaar Smart Zigbee Draadloze Sleutel Licht Afstandsbediening Nul Lijn Fire Wire Schakelaar Zonder Neutrale Mi thuis|slimme afstandsbediening| - AliExpress

Edit: Aqara Wall Switch Double (LN) - Links are ok for pairing. The single (LN) still nothing.

I’m still having trouble adding the Xiaomi Light Sensor (GZCGQ01LM). I have version 0.8, but every time it fails to add it and a ‘standard zigbee device’ is added in stead.
What can this be?

Unfortunatelly, some of my devices stopped working several hours after re-adding.
Mostly the temp. sensors but also some of the door sensors.

I’m thinking about resetting the ZigBee network now. Can someone confirm that applying a backup after ZigBee reset brings back all the devices?

Hello guys, just a question in general… How well is Zigbee working now with homey 5.0? Most of my sensors are from xiaomi/aqara and I’m considering to install them back on homey instead of using my raspberry pi using deconz wich is working great BTW.

But I want to use my pi for other things, so it will be great if zigbee on homey works again. But it need to be stable.

I’m having around 60 zigbee devices in total including powered and non powered devices.

Is the smartplug (EU) ZNCZ04LM supported? @TedTolboom

edit : Sorry I see It’s supported. Can’t add it. Try first a PTP…

Edit2: After a check with a homey of a friend. I was sure it was a issue at my side. Did a zigbee Network reset and all works like a :rocket: (did a reset in the begining of v5.x experimental)