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Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.3.5)

To put in the energie usage of the lamp en when the switch is of its usage

First at all , thanks for this fantastic app!
I have little problem with EU Smart Socket lumi.plug.mmeu01
I can see power in real life, but Energy never changes.

version 1.3.8
Homey version lastone.
and I have 2 sockets and all of them have same problem.

With this load (20Watt), it takes 50 hours before 1kWh is used.

at this screen TV in standby mode, normal it’s 200-300w, but another one connected to the boiler with 1500w and same result.

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OK, maybe @TedTolboom can answer what the problem can be.

Can you restart the app (settings > apps > Aqara > restart), wait for 10 minutes, then send an app’s diagnostics log (settings > apps > Aqara > restart) mentioning your username

Then wait for 60 minutes and send a second diagnostics logs (mentioning your username)?

Thank you Ted for quick answer.

Two reports was done. Name Yahooeyu


Second :


Hi @TedTolboom

Just for letting you know, I’m testing the recently added TVOC sensor but for me it reports very rarely.

I’ve gave a demo unit to a guy who’s tested under zigbee to mqtt and his result was a lot different:

At the morning I’ve restarted the sensor. Reports more often, but far less times as it did under Zigbee 2 Mqtt.

Can you share a apps diagnostics report (settings > Aqara > send diagnostics report), mentioning your forum ID?

I have a few power sockets but the power usage (total) isn’t been updated in 8 months now. I can see the actual usage but not the total. Is there an solution for this. Tnx in advance

I actually also observed issues with TVOC - randomly, eg. 1x per week it gets completely silent and when I press the button, it gets reconnected and eg. ppb starting on 999ppb…then it settle down for another 2-3 days.
I’m not sure it will be still visible in the logs, now it’s running fine for 2 days - 465ea80c-7d8a-4e8c-a498-94903ba01a26 - if there will be nothing, I will repost after “outage”

Hi, does anyway know if the mi-boxer will be supported by homey?

Hi, I’m starting to have a problem with Aqara motion sensors :frowning: Some stop recording motion event, the strange thing is that Luminance works. After restarting Homey they work for a few hours, but then not again. For a long time everything worked fine, but now it’s annoying. The side button doesn’t help, restarting only solves the problem for a while… Anyone have a similar experience, or better yet a solution? Thanks a lot!



Great app Ted! Really appreciate your work!!

I´m having problems pairing Aqara Smart Plug EU to the new Homey Bridge and trying to find info if this is expected to work or not?

I have reported my issue here:


MiBoxer is a completely other company than Aqara and Xiaomi and has nothing to do with this thread.

It is a know isseu

After trying to get over this issue I changed to an extra zigbee network with Deconz on a Rpi. Moved all the sensors from Aqara and connected this netwerk truoght the Deconz app to Homey no it all works instantly without delay. It is not an app fault but a isseu within homey-zigbee-core I think.

Deconz works great but even with deconz every now and then I have a sensor which doesn’t respond anymore. Removing and adding to the network is the only option. A lot less problems but it’s not like there’s no problems at all. Fortunately it is a hobby for me and no life threatening.

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Ok noted. If i have a sensor dropping i’ll post this here immediate.

In my case, the only reason for sensors being dropped from the network is if their battery is (about to run) empty. Sometimes I need to re-pair the sensor again after swapping the battery, but deCONZ/Phoscon is smart and will re-use the same device id so nothing gets broken.