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Aqara Zigbee problem?



I am trying to install the aqara curtain motors but seem to get some errors.
If i try to add it as a device its giving me all red exclamation marks.

Anyone here knows what could be wrong?

If i go to settings-> Zigbee it gives me an unknown error.


Likely the Zigbee chip driver did not load correctly; can you try to pull the power plug of Homey and reconnect it? And check if after 15 minutes (when all apps are fully loaded) the problem re-occurs?



That is obviously not 15 minutes after a reboot…


No. Still have to reboot. I am at work now.
This was the second image that i wanted to upload. It uploaded later because of my newbie status.




It works
Only open is close and close is open.
Anyone knows how to change that?


Try changing the polarity… turning the powerplug the other way arround