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Archive Insights - export all your Insights data to a NAS, FTP or web folder


(I’ve made a list with all my installed apps whether they’re ready, so this one can be checked)

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A new version 2.6.1 is pending approval by Athom in the app store.

What’s new:

  • Packages update. athom-api@3.2.13. basic-ftp@4.6.2 archiver@4.0.2

Hi @Gruijter,

What is the status with:

Is there any plan to implement something like this?


No, I will not implement this. It is just way too much work. You can filter the data in excel if you want.

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What a pity… :confused:

Well,I might be wrong, but I dont see an issue with the export taking up a few more minutes and some more MB. Time and data space are not that scarce, or am I missing something?


I only need the data from 2 or 3 devices and not from the 12 devices I have running within the app.
Furthermore I currently only use the internal memory of my Fritz-Box (ca. 300 MB). Why should I buy a 500 GB (or larger) external hard disk when it would be possible in another way.

A selection of data for only certain devices would have been a nice option. But I can handle the current solution as well. So everything is fine for me… :+1:t4:

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New version 2.7.0 coming up. All about packages update which usually fix minor bugs and improves stability:

  • athom-api@3.2.14
  • webdav@3.6.1
  • basic-ftp@4.6.3
  • @marsaud/smb2@0.17.2
  • archiver@5.1.0

get the test version here:


Thanks @Gruijter for this amazing app!

Just a question to all in this topic, do you have examples or suggestions on how to easily visualize this data in excel or any dashboard?

I just published a new version v2.7.1:

  • Packages update. athom-api@3.2.18 webdav@3.6.2 archiver@5.2.0

It will be available as stable version once Athom gives the ok.


I’m experiencing some problems logging in to both SMB and SFTP :frowning:

On SMB it will thrown an error directly if I enter the wrong credentials. But if I use the correct credentials and test, it will just return a message saying “Error” after a while. Assuming it is some kind of Timeout, but nothing is shown in the log…

On SFTP I always seem to get the “Error”, no matter if I use correct credentials or not, but at least a “Timeout error” shows up in the log.
I notice that the log says something about being connected (No Encryption) is this part of my problem?

I have tested 2 different SMB servers (both Macs), and 2 different SFTP servers, 1 internally on my network, and another one out in the wild open.
I have tested both IP and fqdn for all connections, and I am able to access these servers from my MacBooks.

What can I possibly be doing wrong here?

@Gruijter - Any chance you can take a look at my issue reported last week?
I really need to make this work, so I can preserve my history while reseting my Zigbee network :woozy_face:

Sorry, was busy on another project which I just finished :slight_smile: New app in development - Tank Level Meter TF-FT002

I just tested SFTP myself with a drivehq account. I have no problems. Are you sure your FTP host supports secure FTP? And are you sure you entered the correct port? I have to use port 21 for secure FTP with drivehq.

I also just tested with SMB on my NAS. And also there I have no issues.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t some problem in the app. It just means I cannot reproduce the issue so it is kind of hard for me to debug if the problem is indeed in the app. I am willing to try your settings on my Homey, but you would have to share your login credentials with me and the SMB/FTP hosts must be available on the internet. Give me a DM if you want to try this.

While testing for @Lindhardsen I figured i might as well update the packages again to the latest versions. So new app is released in the app store.

v2.8.0 Packages update. athom-api@3.3.0 webdav@4.2.1

Thanks Robin!
Now, with your update, I’m able to connect using WebDAV.
It still doesn’t work on neither SFTP nor SMB, but for now it allows me to move forward :wink:

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I found out what the issue is for FTP. There are apparently 2 completely different ways to secure FTP.

The FTP package I use in the Homey app supports FTPS, but not SFTP. Your server is doing SFTP, but not FTPS.

It would be too much work for me right now to dig into supporting SFTP. Maybe you can set your server to support FTPS? Or use a free FTPS server like drivehq (5GB free storage).

I’m still in the dark why SMB also doesn’t work for you.

Thanks for looking into my issue!
For now I’m happy that I managed to get WebDAV working, so I can start using the archive again.

But, just as you say, most people probably are not even aware of FTPS vs. SFTP, so maybe in your next release you could just make it more clear that it is FTPS that is supported.

Thanks for you help, and for keeping this great app available for all of us!

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I checked the connect with drivehq (free account) and it is working over port 21, it does not work over port 990. In the Homey app you can use both FTP or SFTP (in reality FTPS). So, my conclusion is that FTPS with drivehq (free account) only works in the explicit mode. In explicit mode, an FTPS client “explicitly request” security from an FTPS server and then step up to a mutually agreed encryption method.

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When I export my logic, the file name contains the variable ID. Is it possible to add the variable name I gave it? For example, my file name is: variable-1ec0a59e-9451-4263-96e5-6a67fcf16442.csv
Since I have a lot of variables, I can’t distinguish them.

I am able to back-up the data (NICE) and was wondering what you guys are doing with this data… store it for ever or … This is where I am thinking of to use it:

  • Rebuild Homey Insights in Google Sheets or XLS
  • With the goal to send myself every morning an email dashboard with all kinds of widgets
    Like I do at work to monitor the Webshops performance with Salesforce :slight_smile:
  • For now I send myself push messages like water usage, electricity and gas, but also the climate in house (temp and humidity)
  • But I’m missing the Year to date ore mont to date view, average etc… I’m hoping to get this via the exports
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