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Archive Insights - export all your Insights data to a NAS, FTP or web folder

Thanks for looking into my issue!
For now I’m happy that I managed to get WebDAV working, so I can start using the archive again.

But, just as you say, most people probably are not even aware of FTPS vs. SFTP, so maybe in your next release you could just make it more clear that it is FTPS that is supported.

Thanks for you help, and for keeping this great app available for all of us!

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I checked the connect with drivehq (free account) and it is working over port 21, it does not work over port 990. In the Homey app you can use both FTP or SFTP (in reality FTPS). So, my conclusion is that FTPS with drivehq (free account) only works in the explicit mode. In explicit mode, an FTPS client “explicitly request” security from an FTPS server and then step up to a mutually agreed encryption method.

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When I export my logic, the file name contains the variable ID. Is it possible to add the variable name I gave it? For example, my file name is: variable-1ec0a59e-9451-4263-96e5-6a67fcf16442.csv
Since I have a lot of variables, I can’t distinguish them.