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ASA sunscreen tube motor

I have searched the forum and found only topics that dated more than 2 years old.
Is there a (easy) way to add ASA tube motors to my homey?

Forgive me if i missed a topic in my Search…

Not much information. Which type?

I have two

ASA motor ETR3 10/16

Installed at the moment.

So it’ s a roller shutter motor with an ASA radio protocol based on a 433 MHz frequency. Right?

I have not yet worked with this radio frequency, so I can not help, sorry.

That is correct, thanks for your time anyway

For now I have made a workaround using a dummy kaku that is also seen by my domoticz. I added a few scripts to link the dummy to the shutter motor in domoticz…

Have you ever tried to teach the remote control key commands to Homey?

As far as I know, this is not possible if the remote control sends an encrypted code or the code is always renewed (rolling code).

I have recorded it once but was never successful to send it out… i dont know if that was due to my inexperience ( i have never used this feature) or if it is just not possible for this…
I could test that with a simple kaku command…