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Athom announced Homey Cloud and Homey Bridge

Multiple Homey Pro’s has never been an issue and you can add a Homey (cloud) to your account but that is limited to one Homey (cloud). I got that confirmed from Athom. But was just a fast check question.
Not sure if that wil change after the beta period with invitations.

I ordered a bridge and it will come in tomorrow. I may hope that an invitation is included when it arrives. If not, it is pretty useless and I will be very dissapointed in Athom… It would feel like bying a nice new electric car but you can’t charge and use it because you have to wait for the cable to arrive.


Thanks for testing and sharing your findings!

I’m curious about migration possibilities to a Pro with your backup tool https://homeybackup.web.app/login/ .

In theory it could be possible to backup cloud (+ bridge) flows and restore them to a Pro.

What’s your thoughts about this?
I haven’t read about an Athom tool for this yet.
(And before you realize, one has 500+ flows :sweat_smile::+1:)


This makes a lot of sense to me, use the Homey Bridge as a starter kit, and then allow a migration to Homey Pro. If they could somehow work out how to use the bridge with a Homey Pro to extend a set of aerials to an outside studio or for a large home all the better, then you are not wasting the initial investment.

In theory, but flowards can be different.
They learned and removed old triggers but maybe renamed others.
fe the Sunrise

Pro: “id”: “before_sunrise”
Cloud “id”:“homey:manager:cron:sunrise”

Visual is this the same trigger, but in a couple of area’s they changed the code to become more logical (I guess). For Athom there was no reason to keep their old “mistakes” in the New code.

And you have to pair everything again anyway. Zigbee, Z-Wave etc.

Solved this mystery,
It is asked from the Phone the moment you create a new Home.

Thanks. The pairing is not the worst thing (for me, but I don’t own a ranch).
Repairing the restored flows is also “doable” imho.
It’s a pity they changed the underlying ID’s for some flowcards, with migration to Pro in mind.

So, “easy upgrading” to a Pro is not really taken into account. And is probably not expected from “starters” who’d like to migrate at some point in time.

You’re correct, I stupidly missed the “invite” part. My bad…
Nevertheless, I don’t need a useless bridge.

(better question, why sell an incomplete product Athom?)

Well, just read the info…?

Beta means “testing phase” if you didn’t know already.
Athom starts with enabling a few users, so any possible “big” bugs can be resolved, before publishing it to everyone.
If you bought it already, you are considered to be a beta tester for now, and wait for your turn.

It should have been the other way around: getting a beta invitation allows you to purchase a Bridge. Now they’re selling a product you can’t use without an invitation and they don’t tell you how long you have to wait before you can actually get one. They should have at least put a checkbox on the website before purchasing to make people acknowledge that they know they need an invitation before the Bridge will work.

There are some legal implications as well, at least in NL you have a 14 day period in which you may return an online purchase (“bedenktijd”). If you can’t actually test the device because of a lack of an invitation, all you can do is return it untested.


Specifically this is the reason why I have doubts. Besides the random non-responsiveness of some z-wave or zigbee devices, the most annoying thing I have is the fact that my internet / wifi is not stable enough (try living near 3 apartment buildings and measure wifi signals - it’s a nightmare). Also my ISP cannot seem to fix an issue of the internet connectivity dropping ones every 2-3 weeks.

And since Homey cloud needs internet connectivity… Especially with the bridge / zwave/zigbee/… I think I’ll try and hear community feedback before considering a move… For now: Homey pro…

Good choice. For current Pro users that could afford it and anyone that wants local automation choose your devices carefully and a Pro it the way to Go :star_struck:

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When using modules like Fibaro Dimmer you can still control the light with a normal switch and without internet (= happy family), that’s what @Dijker is trying to say. With Homey (Bridge or Pro) you can make it smarter; for example dim the light when turning it on at night etc.

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If I start with cloud/bridge and later find out that I need a Homey Pro can I migrate easily to that then? Or do I have to pair all devices etc again?

Correct there is no migration and you need to pair and re-create flows.

Thanks, not good. With about 15 zwave, 10 Zigbee, 10 Shelly, 8 Sonos devices will cloud/bridge be a good solution or do I need Pro? Hard to understand the difference really. My internet is good and always running.

If you trust on your internet connection, then I think just do the math.

399-69=330. 330/3=110 months of subscription = +/-9 years

Although at this moment some apps from Homey pro are not yet available at homey bridge, and some might never be. But (almost) all devices should work right?

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Check http://apps.athom.com to see if all your modules are available in the cloud (select Homey beta switch on the app page)

I even doubt how long time they will keep Homey Pro on the list. (as most of Homey Pro functions can be replaced by Homey Cloud. :slight_smile:

Thanks @DidierVU I get that. But since my environment is quite mixed (Around 30 ZWave, 30 Zigbee, many IP devices, a few IR devices, a few RF devices) I feel that I need to

  • EITHER have a much more reliable internet + wifi connection
  • OR hear about other people’s experience first.
    I only have around 12 Fibaro devices, and that’s too limited from domotica point of view. Staying on Homey Pro for now. Good luck!! :slight_smile: