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Athom announced Homey Cloud and Homey Bridge

Thanks, not good. With about 15 zwave, 10 Zigbee, 10 Shelly, 8 Sonos devices will cloud/bridge be a good solution or do I need Pro? Hard to understand the difference really. My internet is good and always running.

If you trust on your internet connection, then I think just do the math.

399-69=330. 330/3=110 months of subscription = +/-9 years

Although at this moment some apps from Homey pro are not yet available at homey bridge, and some might never be. But (almost) all devices should work right?

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Check http://apps.athom.com to see if all your modules are available in the cloud (select Homey beta switch on the app page)

I even doubt how long time they will keep Homey Pro on the list. (as most of Homey Pro functions can be replaced by Homey Cloud. :slight_smile:

Thanks @DidierVU I get that. But since my environment is quite mixed (Around 30 ZWave, 30 Zigbee, many IP devices, a few IR devices, a few RF devices) I feel that I need to

  • EITHER have a much more reliable internet + wifi connection
  • OR hear about other people’s experience first.
    I only have around 12 Fibaro devices, and that’s too limited from domotica point of view. Staying on Homey Pro for now. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

Pls read here:


I think you’ll find that a lot of things do not run on Cloud, and I doubt Athom has ever intended for most of those things to run on Cloud. Cloud will almost certainly always be a subset of the functionality of the Pro.


No. A Pro has way more possibilities. It’s a stripped down Pro.

IF monthly fee stays €3.
In a few years (price index etc.) it could be €4 or €5 and on (which is not strange, this happens everywhere)
Or the contract reads it is €3/month lifetime :wink:


We’ve sold a LOT of bridges, but we want to scale gradually so everyone gets a great experience. So it might take some time before you get an invite.

Luckily, even when it’s breathing blue, it’s quite nice to look at :wink:


Is there a significantdelay between a (sensor) trigger and the action? Like with IFTTT?

IFTTT is slooooooooooooooooooooow

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Not here but depends on your own internet connection. Test yours here.

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Public Cloud is beyond home user’s control. I think many users prefer to use offline version, or private cloud at home.

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Eh? Public cloud? Private cloud at home?
Not sure what you mean, but how does any of that relate to your statement that "most of Homey Pro functions can be replaced by Homey Cloud.?

Thanks, seems that all should work.

Rephrase my previous question :slight_smile:

Using HA today but find it too advanced and with many updates. Want a simpler to use solution. Do you think I will be happy with Cloud/Bridge with about 15 zwave, 10 Zigbee, 10 Shelly, 8 Sonos devices, 4 iPhones for presence? My internet is good and always running.

Maybe try Homey online first with your Shelly/Sonos/iPhone devices to see if you’ll like it? But I think you will like it :wink:

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Funny that you don’t understand this! Who wouldnt free a lot of money by replacing the pro and go for a bridge. is not like your missing out on a lot of features…

I got the ideas from here Homey Keynote — Easy. Fun. Everyone. - YouTube that most of Homey Pro software can be run on Homey Cloud servers.