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Athom announced Homey Cloud and Homey Bridge

Funny that you don’t understand this! Who wouldnt free a lot of money by replacing the pro and go for a bridge. is not like your missing out on a lot of features…

I got the ideas from here Homey Keynote — Easy. Fun. Everyone. - YouTube that most of Homey Pro software can be run on Homey Cloud servers.

True, but not all the apps that run on a Pro.

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I have the solution! Buy a Pro and you can use it instantly :star_struck:

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He Guys,
Drawing a line here, this is not a complaint topic for what goes wrong in communication about that you can order but not get an Invite with the order.
All that kind of replies go here:

Please Contact Athom, this is a community forum.
The topic is the review of Homey Cloud and Homey Bridge and the differences with the Homey Pro.

Do you guys think there is a new pro on the way? Or will this be the last one. I have a original and my memory is always pretty full. But don’t want to buy a pro when next years or so a homey pro 2 will come…

I really hope there will be a homey pro 2. With Ethernet, usb c, new zigbee chip etc

I guess you are not the only one hoping

The only statement I got is that they (Athom) don’t do statements on their development until it is released.

For what it’s worth… I think they still see market for Pro and maybe for upgrades for current customers.
They are still producing afaik and maybe this is not their last Pro version.

I think this can really be a big leap for Athom. Getting more (steadily) revenue from their customers (and professional (business) developers. Myself, I wouldn’t want to rely on a cloud service this way, and am very happy with my Pro here.

But what worries me is that Homey is now for “everyone”. The worry lies in the fact that I am very sceptical that Athom has the ability to give “everyone” the support the (cloud) customers will demand (rightfully or not).
And that can have their effect on the support for the Normal and Pro Homey users as well.

If there is a growth spurth, I sincerely hope Athom is ready for it. A lot of companies have gone totally wrong there. Growing can be a pain in the ass too… :confused:

Think it’s gonna be crowded here in the Community… :wink:

I see your worries,
I think at this moment only ~10 % of the Homey users is here. curious / interested and some more than others technically skilled. I expect the % of new users that find the community will be lower. Other go to Facebook or other platforms or get helped by family.

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I had a look at my system. Granted, it’s by no means an extensive one, I’m building it slowly and have mostly stuck to popular brands.
Looking at individual devices, the majority are already supported or have as far as I can understand a decent chance of getting support in cloud. Breaking it down in device brands instead the figures are less uplifting, a few are unlikely to get support, others just never will.
Looking at apps it’s even worse, about 2/3 of the apps I use have a near zero chance of making it onto cloud. For some there will possibly be decent alternatives but a lot of them operate in ways that is only supported on Pro.
Just a single data point, but i believe going from Pro to Cloud could prove a disappointment.

More contributors here can be an advantage too.
My worries mostly concern Athoms customer support capabilities.
Time will tell… :slight_smile:


Yes. I currently own and use 2 x Homey’s. The new Bridge will allow Z wave access where currently there is none

?? Your 2x Homeys should have z-wave onboard?

They do. But they don’t cover the whole of the property
Especially with celotex insulation in dividing walls

Then you should distribute more mains powered z-wave devices through the mansion. Not a bridge imho.

So that makes with the bridge on a Homey (Cloud) 3 different Homeys in your account with each a Zigbee and/of Z-wave Mesh.
If that’s what you want :+1: :+1: :+1:
I am curious how you connect that, are all your flows also distributed over Homeys?

I agree with Peter, extending the Z-wave mesh with routers would probably be easier and better than 3 Homeys.

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Yes it is a mansion. And yes the flows are distributed between the Homeys
And I have tried z wave repeaters which don’t work sufficiently in my case
Plus there are annexes and outbuildings which will work very well with the bridge.

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Well, thanks for those announcements, i can see your cloud objectif. Even if i am satisfied with my Pro, i don’t like the turn that take and this push me to… HA, just ordered an odroid device and hope my Pro will sale easily. I did the same with my cloud Arlo cameras recently to a local onvif solution and it is the same here. That is harder to setup and less pretty but with good documentation the result will be at least the same if not better. Good luck for the futur.

Sorry to see you go,
I don’t understand as for Pro nothing changes.

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