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Athom announced Homey Cloud and Homey Bridge

Hi Henrik,

I think your missing the point around cloud vs local here.

  1. Cloud is reliant on an internet connection with a single point of failure.

I have experienced this personally and live in a first world country. It’s not nice, when your lights turn on in the middle of the night or your systems and appliances starts making noise due to no internet. (If you have used Amazon Echo and had an internet outage at 3am in the morning, due to network upgrades. (You would understand)

  1. Local control (ie a Homey hub) you lose access to cloud apps, but maintain all your locally connected device. For example, All ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi, Bluetooth, All IR controlled devices lights. So yes their is a major difference between cloud and local (also you do not lose local control with Homey Hub as people are saying in the chat- “because they need cloud” NO they don’t)

To answer your second question.
No I have not lost local control “yet”, but from the kick off and all the noise being created from the presentation. Cloud is Athom future.

No reference to new local hub on continued support of local hub.
No reference or thanks to existing install base.

Heck. They might as well just get it over with and open the platform.
Making it available as Image/Application and offer pro subscription service.
That way we can just host it on a Rasp Pi or Container and utilise cheap and reliable ZigBee and z-wave controllers and the likes of Broadcom for IR control.

Personally I do not expect that Athom shall eliminate the Homey or Homey Pro on the long run because, as they claimed, they heavily rely on their developers community. Am I correct that a developer in general averse to limitations when supporting a device pro bono? I believe most developers use a Homey (Pro) as a starting point and shall add supporting code to include the Homey Bridge. But if the Homey (Pro) is eliminated, I expect that the developing community shall reduce substantially and as others said, another community supported device or initiative shall see the daylight. Moreover, requiring a volunteer developer pay an annual fee of EUR99 (I didn’t verify this yet) isn’t a wise decision here, unless you are planning to include developers in the commercial success which is in some way related to their efforts. In other words, let them earn money for every install or update (next to the LED ring notification when this happens.

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I am not sure about your statement. Cloud is added to the availability of PRO, since Homey Pro is too expensive for “lightweight” users, I can understand that there is a gap. This gap is now to be filled by “cloud”.
There is no intention to abandon the pro users, as I can see right now, even the Homey Classic, will be supported.

I understand Athome makes a fuzz about the new opportunity, I do agree that they are earning this because of the old supporters, but I don’t feel left-alone with my “classic”. If it breaks down, I will have to buy a PRO, but that was already a given for a long period.

I’m not. I understand the differences, and the consequences. Obviously there are drawbacks with being more reliant on the cloud, but it may not a dealbreaker for everyone, risk vs consequence. Is a home massively automated with security, entertainment, climate etc, or mainly lights and perhaps even lightswitches that work independent of automation? How is the internet reliability, 5 min outage a day or 5 min outage a year?

Announcing a new product before it’s more or less ready to be shipped is on the other hand generally a bad business move, and I feel they actually referenced continued support for current products.

I haven’t read or heard any negative news on the current Homey (Pro).
The Homey (Pro) will be for most of the current users of Homey.
To fill the gap for ‘simple’ users, the cloud could be an option.

My Early 2016 Homey is still supported and running flawless!

I hope there will be an non-pro in the future for 299.

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Hey all! I’ve created a post with a FAQ about our announcement. This should clear some things up.


LOVING the idea of the new Homey Bridge and just about to order. Is it possible to have more than one Homey Bridge in a property on the same account? And is it possible to have a Homey Pro and more than one Homey Bridge in one property on the same account??


Of course there’s Homey+ (which we’ll rebrand to Homey Pro Backups soon to make it simpler to understand)

Sooo Homey+ will never get extra features as said in the beginning? :eyes:

Just keep in mind that they will not work together in harmony, they will act as seperated controllers for the connected devices.

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Hmmm, just curious, are you real a person and a real Homey user ?

Multiple Homey Pro’s has never been an issue and you can add a Homey (cloud) to your account but that is limited to one Homey (cloud). I got that confirmed from Athom. But was just a fast check question.
Not sure if that wil change after the beta period with invitations.

I ordered a bridge and it will come in tomorrow. I may hope that an invitation is included when it arrives. If not, it is pretty useless and I will be very dissapointed in Athom… It would feel like bying a nice new electric car but you can’t charge and use it because you have to wait for the cable to arrive.


Thanks for testing and sharing your findings!

I’m curious about migration possibilities to a Pro with your backup tool https://homeybackup.web.app/login/ .

In theory it could be possible to backup cloud (+ bridge) flows and restore them to a Pro.

What’s your thoughts about this?
I haven’t read about an Athom tool for this yet.
(And before you realize, one has 500+ flows :sweat_smile::+1:)


This makes a lot of sense to me, use the Homey Bridge as a starter kit, and then allow a migration to Homey Pro. If they could somehow work out how to use the bridge with a Homey Pro to extend a set of aerials to an outside studio or for a large home all the better, then you are not wasting the initial investment.

In theory, but flowards can be different.
They learned and removed old triggers but maybe renamed others.
fe the Sunrise

Pro: “id”: “before_sunrise”
Cloud “id”:“homey:manager:cron:sunrise”

Visual is this the same trigger, but in a couple of area’s they changed the code to become more logical (I guess). For Athom there was no reason to keep their old “mistakes” in the New code.

And you have to pair everything again anyway. Zigbee, Z-Wave etc.

Solved this mystery,
It is asked from the Phone the moment you create a new Home.

Thanks. The pairing is not the worst thing (for me, but I don’t own a ranch).
Repairing the restored flows is also “doable” imho.
It’s a pity they changed the underlying ID’s for some flowcards, with migration to Pro in mind.

So, “easy upgrading” to a Pro is not really taken into account. And is probably not expected from “starters” who’d like to migrate at some point in time.

You’re correct, I stupidly missed the “invite” part. My bad…
Nevertheless, I don’t need a useless bridge.

(better question, why sell an incomplete product Athom?)