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Athom announced Homey Cloud and Homey Bridge

?? Your 2x Homeys should have z-wave onboard?

They do. But they don’t cover the whole of the property
Especially with celotex insulation in dividing walls

Then you should distribute more mains powered z-wave devices through the mansion. Not a bridge imho.

So that makes with the bridge on a Homey (Cloud) 3 different Homeys in your account with each a Zigbee and/of Z-wave Mesh.
If that’s what you want :+1: :+1: :+1:
I am curious how you connect that, are all your flows also distributed over Homeys?

I agree with Peter, extending the Z-wave mesh with routers would probably be easier and better than 3 Homeys.

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Yes it is a mansion. And yes the flows are distributed between the Homeys
And I have tried z wave repeaters which don’t work sufficiently in my case
Plus there are annexes and outbuildings which will work very well with the bridge.

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Well, thanks for those announcements, i can see your cloud objectif. Even if i am satisfied with my Pro, i don’t like the turn that take and this push me to… HA, just ordered an odroid device and hope my Pro will sale easily. I did the same with my cloud Arlo cameras recently to a local onvif solution and it is the same here. That is harder to setup and less pretty but with good documentation the result will be at least the same if not better. Good luck for the futur.

Sorry to see you go,
I don’t understand as for Pro nothing changes.

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Perhaps not everyone has understood it yet. Nothing changes for the Pro and Standard! There is just a new option that you either use or not. If you have a Pro and switch to the bridge, you have no advantages at all. The Pro is and remains the Mercedes from Athom.


And the Homey Bridge is a Tata Nano? :rofl::wink:

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Don’t underestimate the Tata. It’s bigger than you think.



If it would have had 868 as well, the Bridge would have been perfect.

Guess everyone should decide for themselves
I won’t miss 868 but all other differences with even the old 1 core Homey suit my needs better.

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Anyone any ideas, or background info why the bridge has “a few more” IR devices available than a Pro?
That list can be made available for the Pro also I think? Would be a nice to have.

I thought IR was kind of forgotten about…



Ask Athom

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Will surely do!

A shame, I was hoping for a better more powerful version that is more integrator ready, eg Ethernet port. The multi frequency zwave chip is interesting, if only this was used in the pro so we could get the pro here in Australia.
As for a cloud based Hub, we already have big delays with Alexa and Google assistant commands, I’m guessing due to Athom servers being located so far from here.
The only thing that could make this better is if the new hub can be added to an existing one to extend its reach in large homes and can be displayed all in the one home not as seperate hubs. Though LAN communication here would have been preferable. I guess every other country must have much better and more reliable internet service than us.

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Since when is Athom hosting services for Amazon and Google?

Here’s a simplified flow chart on how Google Assistant works. Notice the “Partner Cloud Services”, which are Athom-managed servers in the case of Homey, “Smart Home” is (f.e.) a Google Nest device (not a Homey device, because there’s no direct connection between the assistant and such devices).


So users experience the delays between blue and yellow and from yellow to IoT devices

Could be another question for @Athom if users from AU sign up and Homey runs from Datacenter down under will Pro users benefit from that local servers?

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