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Athom's Decision for Mobile First and removing of the Desktop Interface/WEB UI in Homey v2.0.0


Thats untill they start a service program with in-app purchases for cloud service, flow-backup etc…

mark my words…


And that is the bad thing for companies:
Social Media happens. Whether you’re dealing w/ it or not.
And to not do so is definitely strategically a bad decision. Personally I cannot see Athom in 12 - 18 months anymore; it took almost 2 years to create v2 and half of the things they promised are missing, the rest is unstable, covered by an already outdated design.

Sorry for those harsh words, but if you cannot face the customers and put their needs central, then you simply will pushed out of the market.


Well, I know at least 5 homes that will certainly NOT go for homey because I (as a kickstarter backer) told them so for the lack of proper desktop/webinterface support


a lot of young businesses forget the old rule of thumb.

1 happy client tells 10 friends
1 unhappy client tells 30 friends

So it takes a lot to make up for ones mistakes. And one loose a lot by pissing off the existing users. And with the internet I think the 1 unhappy rule has grown to 1 tells 100.

I find the new app OK - but not even a close or worthy replacement for a desktop editor. And to move more stuff onto the cloud like insight charts - is not my cup of tea. At least I should be able to tell the system where to put my data.

Then there are the pure architectural issues I can’t understand. I DO understand the sandbox - but I do not understand that standard sensors each need their own drivers - and therefore their own sandbox. That just slows down things.

To fix the problem Athom then makes a “Pro Homey” and does not redesign the basic device interface…?"

There is no logic reason standard sensors like Fibaro, Aeotec etc should not reside in the same drivertype/single sandbox. There is NO reason to individually sandbox drivers coming from the official source (Athom). Sandboxing is something you do to protect from malicious code or code abusing the system (like putting heavy loads on - slowing down the rest) - But now everything is sandboxed for every device manufacture. It is a complete waste of (already scarce) resources.

So all basic “433 MHz” switch devices/drivers should just reside in ONE driver with “device” selection setting communications types. All “generic” standard Fibaro,Qubino & Aeotec etc. in another “driver” if they need to be sandboxed. Or “separate extensible trusted drivers” supplied by Athom.

So in a typical home you would then end up with 3-5 main app’s from Athom in a SINGLE sandbox.
And then really “hard” sandbox everything individually from 3rd parties who are NOT Athom.

But now even the smallest app takes huge amounts of resources.

Anyway - Athom can do as they want - it is their platform. But from a SW / HW development perspective the “theoretical” ideas wore great but just like communism and dictatorships - they are great in theoretical debates but unusable in real life.


210 Signatures this morning and we hope for more this campaign will go on and i rely hope we together stand strong.
So hit the link and signup today!
Tell Athom that you want the Web Ui back


I haven’t read the API in detail, but it would be nice to be able to import/export flows in for example JSON. That way you could edit flows in a simple text editor, and it allows for easily creating third party editors.


And no news if they actually will release an iPad app…


Ah, but we do have influence for the following reasons;

  • There are lots of users on here that are also working on the apps that sell the hardware, if they go the apps go
  • People selling (and often using them themselves) stop selling and stop recommending
  • Users don’t upgrade to new models which would have been a large number of us

I think we are about the only influence Athom have, when someone is interesting in buying and all they have is some marketing info, where do they go? straight to the forums.


Tablet app is on our roadmap, but I cannot given an exact date on when this will be released and how it will function exactly.


If the risks only lies with Athom, I would agree with you. But the problem is that I bought the Homey with certain kind of features and a LOT of promisses. OK, we know now that the promisses will not be kept. Can I get my money back?

And now even worse, they drop an important feature that did exist when I bought my Homey. Can I get my money back?

Honestly, I was one of the first to buy a Homey. Yes, it was a startup and I took a gamble. But can I at least trust on the fact that existing features of the product I bought would still exist after updates?

Would I buy a Homey now knowing that I have to develop my automation on a smartphone? Absolutely not! But now here I am, stuck with a 300 Euro device that has been downgraded to mobile only.

I have said it before. I don’t know how they develop their software. But I really hope that soon the software on which they develop their software will also become mobile only! See how they like it!


No, but you can stay on 1.5.x. No need to update…


That depends on what’s going to happen with the apps you use. If they get updated for 2.0 only and are not backwards compatible, you can no longer install them on 1.5 if something might go wrong. So as long as it keeps running you will be fine. But if you experience a problem and have to do a reset you can’t install them anymore.
Please correct me if i’m wrong.

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I stayed on 1.5 and disabled all updates.
My system is relatively stable. Has no problems if internet drops out.
Only downside maybe cannot add new apps in future.

My son dropped homey due to reliability, performance issues and the mobile only interface.
Moved to an open source solution running on a pi, that will be moved to a virtual machine.
At which time I will switch to the same solution as homey seems to have lost there way


End of life??


Yup, homey v1.0 is end of life, only homey v2 now :wink:


Then we should really keep it. Going to be worth a lot of money in the future.


Yeah well - honestly:
The so-called “App” was already EOL when it’s been launched :grin:

Nevertheless - v2 has potential, though the UI and customer journey is ouchhhh 2012.


So it may be 2024 then :grin::thinking:
Sorry - but someone has to tell.


This has to be promoted, i only saw this on accident… non the less, thanks !