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Athom's Decision for Mobile First and removing of the Desktop Interface/WEB UI in Homey v2.0.0


It gets better and better :grin:



thx :grinning::sunglasses:



https://flow.homey.app is live but… I can’t login!
The error: “Too many attempts were made. Please wait before trying again.”

More people getting this error?



everyone at the moment has this problem…



This is a great surprise!



Our servers are a little busy at the moment! Please try again later, that will give 'em some time to breathe.



Thanks Emile!

What a great surprise, I was using a android simulator on my desktop to change flows… I was not expecting this web client!

Very much appreciated! (still a very happy Homey user, my whole house automation is handled by Homey without any issue… but probably my Homey wil be replaced…

with the PRO version :wink: )…

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Wow looking good :slight_smile:



Is the Flow Editor only accessible through Athom servers? Or can I use it also local?



Great development. I now can migrate to 2.x. Thanks!

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It’s html and javascript. U can download it but the callback from oAuth2 might prove to be difficult :wink:



The web based flow editor is good news for all Homey customers.
It is not a huge issue to use the mobile for adding devices and apps. It was always the flows that was the problem.
When I saw this I upgraded my Homey to 2.0 and tested the web based flow editor and it does exactly what was needed. It gives that overview of your flows and a proper interface where you can type and use a mouse.

And I will say that it may even be better than the original desktop app.

As we can also see Emile posted in this thread. That removes the nonsense that Homey does not read the forum. Naturally they do. And they finally listened to their customers.

So I congratulate all Homey owners.

For me it came too late. I have changed over to Home Assistant now. It is more geeky but also much more powerful. I spent the money I would have used on a Homey Pro on an Intel NUC instead. This weekend I got my last Zigbee remote moved to from Homey to HA and Text-To-Speech working on HA so my Homey is “empty” now.

BUT. In recognition that Emile and his team finally listened and reacted, I have decided NOT to post the “smashing my Homey” video that I had promissed in another now closed forum thread.

Instead I post this positive review of the flow.homey.app feature. It works well on the few flows I tried to create. For those of you that has not upgraded to 2.0 I say it is OK to do that now.



I am really surprised by how quiet it’s been today in this thread.

Everybody has been left and right fisting Athom over the lack of a Desktop interface and effectively this was because of the flow editing practicalities. Here they’ve not only acknowledged the issue as a concern but fixed it already too.

It’s renewed my faith in Athom and their recent rather contentious decisions and brought me back onside for the time being.

Thanks for listening Athom.




Interestingly I do not see any announcement relating to the launch of the online flow editor. Is it still in beta?



Check the latest blog article “Announcing Homey Flow for Web



And it was announced in the last newsletter.



Very nice option. Works great.
Only missing possibility to add logic and countdown Vars. (or did I miss something?)



Ur not missing something. It’s just not in the flow editor but still on ur mobile :wink:



I think the new flow editor looks pretty swish.
Now I have to think of some new flows to create so I get to use it :grin: but I’m sure that won’t be difficult.

Thanks to Athom for their great effort and providing what the customers ask for.

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Oke clear. I thought making flows is also the posibillity to change/add vars for these flows.