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Athom's Decision for Mobile First and removing of the Desktop Interface/WEB UI in Homey v2.0.0


I think it is definitely a step forward to having again a desktop flow maker. I was really getting frustrated with having to use my phone for it.

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Thank you Athom for such wonderful web flow editor.
I like the mobile app a lot, too. But so many times before starting to build some flows I was put off because the small screen. Now full enthusiasm ahead.

Look forward for the next nice surprise.:grinning:

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yes, bring the my.athom.com back again. it would help to also connect devices others than android and iphones…


Thank you for the web-based flow editor. It really makes working on flows so much better. If only we can now have the device tab online as well. :rofl:


I really hope the desktop comes back, the fun to look around from a computer you can´t beat that, and the insights was awesome in the desktop, now it´s in 2 places not good, the 2 version is a disappointment for me…Where are the sorting nowhere, you cant see any values for example temperatur, you have to go in to those squares. I can´t search anymore, can I save in the insights? I don´t see it


@Sture_Johansson Just as a small reminder for you :wink:


Thanks for the info, I see that there is more to explore, I have been hasty in my frustration…


Did you even read this thread before posting? Or used the search function? :thinking::innocent:


Hi there,

Here are some comments about mobile app!

Add Favorite Information part to home screen! Like we have Favorite devices or Flows, it will be good to have place where we can read most important information from our home (temperature, humidity and etc.)!

It will be good that insights’ graphics are part of mobile app! Or to have possibility to automatically open temperature log for last seven days if you press temperature value from sensor!

It will be good that in app we have an overview, with links, of all relevant places like insights, forum, app shop, developer page and etc.

Thank You!

Sorry if you already discussed that topics!

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Must admit, have been working with 2.0 since this afternoon and am indeed positively surprised with the new look and feel. And, for sure, the new desktop flow editor is really good. Especially when adding the CSS adjustments from Dijker and DaneedeKruyff :+1:


This topic will be closed due to the fact the the desktop interface has been replaced with https://flow.homey.app/

You can read more about this in this article: https://blog.athom.com/announcing-homey-flow-for-web/

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