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Athom's Decision for Mobile First and removing of the Desktop Interface/WEB UI in Homey v2.0.0


Not gonna argue about the maint point of this discussion about the desktop interface. But how you know the MANY MANY complaints did you count the persons? on the forum and other places?? Iam knowing there are complaints but iam just wondering how you come with MANY MANY you would have a point when you have the number of complaints if you also would mention the amount of sold “homeys”
Then you could say damm 25 procent (for example) is complaining. But how much percentage is it really??? So ………….Iam 100% sure, if athom looking at numbers and the complaints are sky high compared to the number of sold Homeys the gonna take action.


Browsing through the forum shows that there are (relatively) many complaints about the missing webif. I have never seen so many messages regarding just one topic which gives me the impression that there are quite some users that er definitely not happy. Of course I don’t know the exact figures but a child can see there is something going on. Besides that, most (potential new) customers don’t say anything and just move on (the silent majority). I just think it is not wise of Athom to neglect so many user signals. But maybe I am wrong and users do prefer a 6 inch screen with a mini-keyboard over a 17 inch screen with a physical keyboard to make flows.


Yeah cause the 1 maybe 2% of users complaining openly on the forum is a good representation of all the users homey has internationally.

Homey has thousands if not ten thousands (maybe even 100 thousands now?) of users, not even 25% is on the forum, and definitely not everyone on the forum is complaining.

The negative people allways stick out their head if something isn’t good according to them.
The same is for all product reviews on the internet.

The relatively good reviews useally are never posted cause, why should those people.


Stil talking about ,

You dont know…… whats many? the people on the forum that complaining?

Every company in the hole world, is awear that they cant satisfied everyone…. How many complaing about google or whatever. its about numbers and if its 1 or 2 precent of the total….they really doing a good job.


I don’t consider myself as negative at all. On the contrary even, I have always been very enthousiatic about Homey and their great concept. But after making Homey less functional I indeed became critical. I see it as positive customer feedback which should be important to every company. Some confuse this with whining but they just don’t get the point. I would like Athom to become the best on the market and even they sometimes need some critisism to improve their product.


Always and always you can give your opinium, and also may be critical. Luckely most of the homey users live in the part of the world where we can, and its aloud.

Just having people that only say yes to everything isnt good also, it not making a company better.

But just shouting many many users bassed on just a small number of the total that complaing here on the forum… is not giving you a valid point in the disscusion of the topic


What’s interesting is that these are complaints from before the release of the 2.0 firmware and disappearance of the web interface and desktop app. Ie users that did foresee the turnout of that decision. And a lot of users didn’t even know about it before they upgraded.

It will also be interesting to see how users react to actually using their Homeys with no other option than the mobile app. Advanced users/geeks, that automate everything that can be automated (which is quite demanding with no other option than the mobile app) are the ambassadors to Homey, not the average users that use it to turn a few lights on and off (which works just fine on your mobile).

I don’t think they did much of a risk assessment. Athom is a small company, and might not have people that are really good at predicting outcomes of certain business decisions. Think about Leo Apotheker, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, who announced that they would cease building computers. A decision that might have been the end of HP, but instead Apotheker was fired and the decision reverted. After losing $30bn in value.


I understand how you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. Sorry, but I don’t think I can explain the problem in any shorter way than this.

This is about your target audience. It is never as simple as to start building a product and then expect people to start buying it (ie an invention vs an innovation). There must be a reason for buying. This is why we need to look at the target audience, and the primary as well as secondary users.

You have a primary target audience group, which you can define in a very narrow manner. They are usually quite few, and won’t alone be sufficient as a customer base. There aren’t any sales volumes to talk about in this group. But when they start buying your product they also act as ambassadors that will make many others with less specific demands buy your product. The secondary group.

The primary target audience for Homey are the advanced users/geeks that knew exactly why they wanted a Homey. Many of them are systems developers, solution architects, designers, concept developers, and so on. People who are used to work with requirements and analyze available solutions. They are the ones that are able to build really cool and/or geeky things with their Homeys.

The secondary group in your target audience are the users who want some kind of HA-solution, but aren’t able to build very advanced automations by themselves. They bought their Homeys because the people in the primary group did. Often after having Homey recommended to them by someone in the primary group, who might also act as a mentor/support and provide inspiration and help.

I don’t know how big these groups are. But if you count percentage of the total user base, the primary target group usually shrinks over time when the product are being adopted by more and more secondary users. But it’s still the primary users that sell Homey for Athom.

This is the problem with the mobile-first decision. The web/windows app in 1.5 was targeted at the primary group, while the new mobile app is targeted at the secondary. But if you lose your primary users you will also lose the rest as well because you will lose the ambassadors for your product.

Think about supercars. Only a professional race driver can drive a supercar to the fullest. Thus, many race drivers own supercars (often provided for free by the car makers). When they drive them on closed tracks or highways with no speed limit they draw attention to the car brand. But it’s the billionaires that buy these cars that are the bread and butter for the companies that build them. Would you imagine Ferrari capping their cars at 180km/h because the majority of their customers can’t handle them at higher speeds? Of course not. They’d lose all their customers then, even if only a fraction of them are actually affected by the decision.


First of all how can you tell I was shouting? Secondly it is a fact that relatively many forum members shared their concerns (just count the messages) and thirdly why does it not give me a valid point in the topic while the the title speaks for itself? Basically the whole discussion is about how many people complained and what in fact is many. The future will tell.


If you are correct, we will see right? and Athom will lose pretty much all sales and go bankrupt.
Only time will tell if you were correct or not, but without change and taking risks this would be an enormously boring world.

There is no need to try to convince me or any one else with these enormous paragraph(s) of how you think it needs to be/wil go, as i really do love the mobile app, and don’t mind the mobile only solution, and there are many more with me.
Or people at least try to live with it, as there is no other choice, even if you desperately try to convince everyone else.

Just because you think in a certain way, doesn’t mean all other people will think the same way.

And trying to compare a supercar’s speed to a device that can control your home is like comparing apples to oranges, and are not comparable at all.
I don’t see the supercars have an open API either, where people CAN write a desktop app (or whatever interface) for to make it run faster again, as we really can, just because athom won’t doesn’t me we can’t either.


That’s simply not true and has been publically denied by Athom. Not sure where your getting your insider knowledge of athom and their market research from, but they are not telling the truth.


What makes you think this is about information from Athom? What I’m talking about is how it’s actually being used, not about how Athom might have intended it to be used.


I wish… Then this forum would look different… And probably the devs say that about me too :wink:


From the way you were talking with authority I assumed you had access to financial information, market research and sales demographic data. Sorry my mistake for making an assumptions


Omfg, ian 100% sure, the biggest part of the homey users are Henk&Ingrd that only have a few lamps and a thermostat and maybe a few smart sockets.

That its not viseble is mainly because the most of them come not on the forum.


And also that statment is based upon ???


Ie, if it works for you it works for everyone else as well?

This is - quite basic - marketing knowledge. No, not everyone is familiar with the concept of target audiences, of course. But it’s still how many people in marketing work.


Problem with fe Polls is how do you get a representative sample off all current Homey Users or the target audience for Athom …

Anyway but Let’s see what you asked as Discours makes it easy to count the users in a thread:
How many forum members are there? ~2247 with the Basic Trust level

Users in this Topic:

in the Dutch Topic:

Let’s say 57 + 54 users in these two discussions, but “many” users are discussing in both threads …
Within the “active users” on this forum ~ not more than 5% (111/2247) have a strong opinion regarding this subject. (Positive or negative to “Athom’s Decision…”)

Best guess I can do for now: Athom has sold already at least ~ 10 times that number of Homey’s

Still if I count all these geeks with an strong opinion discussing here double as they are important for Athom it will be probably ~1% for the total number of Homey’s sold…

And I know these users are also important, but I think Athom made for now their right decision to sell and grow.

And with the correct real geeks and developers in the community I still hope some Community solution will be developed to edit Flows in fe some kind of Web interface.

Anyway, “many” is subjective for your point of view…


How is not creating a desktop interface part of a “sell and grow” strategy?

That, or people will start looking for alternatives. Athom should be worried by initiatives like the MQTT Gateway app, which makes it very easy to use proper desktop interfaces from other home automation products using Homey’s data.


Because the homey kickstarters and pre orders were 15.000 homeys (the only “official” numbers known of being sold), that was 3 years ago.
I have not even seen 15000 people on the forum even until now.
I can do some basic Math :wink:

As homey is now being sold in 7 countries officially for over a year (but can be ordered from anywhere in the world), it is not that hard to imagine to have over 250.000+ homeys with ease.