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Athom's Decision for Mobile First and removing of the Desktop Interface/WEB UI in Homey v2.0.0


No I don’t. Don’t you read others posts before you reply to them?


Great, this is what I asked about earlier but but so far no-one mentioned this properly!

So is there such a big API change between version 1.5 and 2.0 that the web interface could not have been maintained?

Based on all the comments about missing thew webinterface the least Athom could do is provide the old web based code as opensource for developers to quickly port it the the API changes. I guess the changes would not be that crucial as to complete render the old 1.5 web interface useless (with porting in mind).


That is indeed one of the reasons the web interface stopped, it doesn’t work anymore because of big changes in the API.
Also because it was a very limiting factor.
You can see this back in homeyda.sh which stopped working in homey v2 because the API changed.

The code is open source, it was never closed source anyway, it is only minified, and you can just find it by inspecting the web interface.


“Open Source” means that the original source code of a project, the code that the original developers used to work on the project, is made (freely) available in such a way that other developers can also work on it. It should also be accompanied by a proper license giving other developers the right to use the source code.

A minified version of the code that can be “downloaded” through a browser doesn’t tick any of those boxes.


you reply:

I just do not agree with you and Willem. Nothing personal.
I just do understand Athom to not focusing on elderly as it is not their market and it will never be. And I regard assistive domotics as a different market with different solutions. You can have some convenience of course out of home automation, but not more than other people.

Again, I do not agree with you. Different markets with different specialized solutions. I do not see a general home automation device (as Homey) wipe out the automated security market. Not now, not in the future and no convergence.

Also I don’t care where you work or that you visit trade shows, again nothing personal. As I do not find that adding to the discussion, it doesn’t make your point more valide. Maybe we are disagreeing about that to. You describe your world, maybe even convinced that is sort of a universal truth, but you know, other people have other experiences.

So there you have it, I don’t agree with you.


It’s not about home automation for the elderly or disabled. I have not mentioned home automation for the elderly or disabled. You do understand what I write, yes? And I have no recollection of blasting Athom for not “focusing on the elderly”. Are you imagining things?

And I have made no such claim. Is my English really that hard to understand?

It’s happening right now. With or without you being aware of it.

No, of course your opinions are just as valid as other peoples knowledge.


Gonna draw a line here again. Plz use the topics for what they are made for, not for personal discussions. Best do the rest of ur discussion in a PM.


Well the new app seems fine, but no destop app!!! A phone is not a good for defining more complex scenarios. And yes it works on a tablet but no better than on a phone, it is only an iPhone app. :crazy_face: Really sad.


Worst of all, i’m still running on V1.53. Athom apps or most of them are no longer running on 1.53. They pushing the users to V2


That was Athom’s plan from the beginning: When the new app is finished and Homey v2.0 is released, the old app will then no longer be maintained. :

But the next sentence, ok said 1.5 years ago when the world was young :slight_smile: The new app will initially support smartphones, and later on tablet devices and iPads.


Is roadmap for Homey V3.0 already available? I guess Athom will create their own homeyphone based on a propriety OS; ditches support for ios and android, and happily tells you that your favorite HA supplier offers this great new briljant phone that can operate the homey device!

Just kidding, but again, just a smartphone app is not enough. It is not that elder people still use a plain old typewriter and send messages via the physical snail mail postman. I see many youngsters playing around with a smartphone when they are ‘outside’. But when possible I see them behind a laptop or desktop screens using whatsapp web (because creating messages with a laptop is so much faster and easier) of looking netflix (the bigger screen is so much nicer to look at).

Thinking smartphones is all there is just plain ignorant. And if they play it clever they don’t even have to develop a desktop or web app themselves. Just a bit of publicity, sample code and ad hoc support here and there would probably enough for community members to develop a good non-smartphone application. I also wrked with getting community members building apps for homey itself…


I am assuming your not being facetious. Its a little early for a v3 road map, they have however mentioned what we can expect from the next couple of version.

  • System Flow Cards (from github)
  • Wifi Setup
  • Back up and Restore
  • Share a flow
  • Cameras
  • Inbuilt count down timers.
  • Tablet?

This ‘road map’ is over 6 months old and has likely changed, but ti gives you a general idea. You can read more about it here.


How about v1.6 with Bluetooth Audio and many Music improvements.


March 2018 they announced Music would be stopped (as well as development for the internal speaker):


This ride was fun while it lasted. And I’ve only been using V2 for 2 days. I guess there is a camp that loves V2 and it’s limitations and the promise of what it can become. But honestly right now it isn’t, it is just broken.

Release v2 broke my heart :broken_heart:

P.S. Homey, I’m not in love with you anymore, it’s not you it’s me… :beers:


Haha, you bring some humor to the conversation, so:


Reading this is somewhere between fun and a pity.

With all the professional knowhow, cutting-edge user experience and clever strategic approaches we had to see from Athom, this is going to happen pretty soon this year… it’s 2024, isn’t it? :wink:

Unfortunately: … announcing „new devices“ w/ minor changes for more money is one of the very first signs of resignation in a market of substitutes, as these mechanisms are the ones you pull out the last…

But hey - who am I to dare… perhaps I will get pretty surprised and Athom will acquire Homee soon, embed EnOcean and build an Interface that’s way beyond all expectations?! :wink: :blush:

Staying curious Athom ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Will never upgrade to v2 still running v1.5 as i hate to sit with a phone in my hand to make flows.

Sorry to say but the developer at Athom did not ask the users what they preferred and was only looking in to what was fancy and hot today and that´s smart phones.
And all have them but not all have a good vision and some have a handicap that limits them for the use of a smart phone.
Also lots of users are over 50+ and are not use to this smart era so that´s why i will not upgrade.
Also when the day come when i can not use the web UI any more that day i will use my homey as a bowling ball in my local bowling alley :slight_smile:

For all of you how want a Web Ui back to your homey we all need to shout out and tell what we want.
Started this today so head over and get your voice heard.
Tell Athom that you want the Web Ui back


I am pretty sure that when Athom set up a community forum and pay for it, they also harvest the customer insights it gives!

I am 100% sure Athom read these threads. Especially the negative ones about 2.0. They know now that they screwed up. They read what we write for sure. But they also remain silent because they know that even a small burp and there will be 20 more angry responses. I am sure they are in crisis mode now.

I think it is fair that we customers voice our opinion and that many are allowed to post “me too” messages. But we should also respect to do it on the few threads that addresses this so that people can still search for solutions to problems in all the other threads.


Ur right. It can be seen on the homee forum in germany. Developers are active in forum. If they say something they get 20 Responses.

Next Thing. Is athom in crisis? I font think so. Hard to believe? We already paid. We dont give any income for athom. We are Not useful anymore. Only weapon on Our side is influence. But i dont think that athom thinks that this forum Haß much influence in New customers.
They use the community for testing and developing theire product. To get a cheap Support because most Problems get solved by the community.
Remember. We dont produce income anymore. We are unimportant