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ATMOS Home (HMI for Homey)

Hi, is there already known whether the HMI of ATMOS Home will be a nice match with the Homey? https://atmoshome.com/index.html

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Seems to be the perfect match.
if it is OS it can even be competition
Very interesting!

Hi, I have changed the language so you can move it back if you think its a better place

Ive ordered this a year ago. Just cancelled it, bad call?

ATMOS has been shifting release date for months/ even years. I will probably order one once has been released for some months and the first reviews have been made.

Works with homey?

That’s the initial question. So I don’t know.
I hope the will be complementary instead of being competitors

Asked for a refund anyway. Ordered it january 2019, they have funding issues. The device is obsolete by the time it launches

Could be a smart idea to ask for a refund.
I bet the CEO drives a big car and ownes a big house and even not think about Atmos anymore…

He probably lives from fundraisers…