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Audio(-alert) over external speaker, f.ex soundboard over chromecast speaker

installing an security system using Heimdall. Want an audio alert playing while alarm is arming /disarming. This audio-alert should be played in entrance. Prefer small sized speaker, over wifi. Thinking that Google Nest Mini would be the perfect fit - have tried, but can´t get this to work with Soundboard app.

I know Google TTS, and Google Nest Mini works ok with text - but I really want just an audio alert. Trying to avoid terrible computer generated voice. Also my Homey have to be another place physically (audio-alert with soundboard is playing nice over Homeys internal speaker)

Anyone can help me out with an solution?
…playing audio-alert (non-spoken, preferable using soundboard with a choosen mp3 / wav) over external wifi speaker…


I have seen the option of casting an URL to chromecast - but I prefer not to make an webserver for this purpose (and as I know its not possible to make an URL to a place on the Homey device)

So still looking for an more elegant solution. Its supposed to be a smarthome - not solely an advanced home :wink: Hopefully Homey will support external speakers output natively in not to long time…

By the way: I got to learn that Sonos app has the flow option: «Play a soundboard sound». Too bad Sonos doesnt have smallsized speakers…

Following as I would like this option as well.

I am trying to do the same.
I installed micro web server on homey.
You can upload an mp3 to homey and access it by http

I can play the homey url in my browser, but when I try to cast it, it doesnt work…