Automatically turn on holiday mode


Hi guys,

I would like to create a flow that, for example, automatically turns the holiday mode on if no movement in the living room has been detected for 24 hours.

Someone good ideas about this? Then I would like to hear that.

Thank you


Motion goes off, then restet countdown timer.

Countdown reaches zero, start holiday flow.

Is a option but would not prefer that because there is Always running a timer.

I would suggest to make use of the presence detection and when 24h from home lets start holiday flow. (or something, iam pretty sure there users with other ideas)

Also curious what you tried your self or you own ideas


And check the Heimdall app!


I tried with countdown. I read about the running timers. That’s the reason I’am searching for an other option! Thank you.


How do you suggest to make “after 24 hour”? Geofence is an option, but also a little buggy here! :roll_eyes:


if status is away, then also using countdown. for 24 h ect ect. then the timer is only running when away.

Presens detection isnt the best in homey, at least not with geofencing. but there other option for that (personal iam using a cheap ali bluetooth switch, with a smart door sensor per person).

And you could check “mister amstels” advise to take a look at the heimdall app, Cant tell you anything about that, dont use the app


Thx. I think I will manually turn on the holiday mode :wink: 2 times a year :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You’d could schedule it?


Yes I can, not my first or second choice , :roll_eyes:


How about making a “presence out” flow logging the time to a variable, then set a scheudle every morning to check if the lapse time is more than 24hrs?
When someone left home and nobody is home, execute mathjs expression

$timenow$ to a better logic variable.

At say 12pm, executemath js expression $timenow$ > ($yourvariable$ + (24*60*60))

You could also set a geofence with ifttt and trigger a flow when u are out of the geofence area


Plz don’t get me wrong but u wanna push a button like every day to override a flow but when u go on holidays twice a year u want that automated?


You are right :laughing:! You have a better solution for my problem with override a flow :thinking:


Is holiday mode built in?


I don’t think so. I use Virtual Devices to build Holiday etc…


No solution😎 but just my thoughts (my own opiniun) The whole thing about home automation is to automate and not to put extra switches.


flow 1: IF last person left the house THEN set status at AWAY= true AND HOME=false AND HOLIDAY=false AND start countdown at 24H

flow2: IF coundown reache 0 THEN set status at HOLIDAY= true and AWAY=false AND HOME=false
flow 3: IF first person enters the house THEN set status at HOME=true AND AWAY=false AND HOLIDAY=false AND stop countdown.

Make status with the APP BETTERLOGIC and everything goes automatic.