Just got new stuff from the Homey store today that expanded my Homey devices again, it is getting more and more complex and important and the fact that there is no backup possibility yet is starting to become a more and more frightening idea. The Trello board and lates behind the magic show now plans or progress anymore, so I was thinking about some form of work-around.

Is there anything we could export and import from / to homey already? Even if it is technical? Could we for example export/import a list of the Z-Wave ID’s / configuration?

Is there a way to export the list of devices and flows to readable form so I at least know what to reconfigure in case of catastrophe the way it all works now?

Any workaround even if it is not implemented within the GUI would easy my mind a bit on this. I’d almost put Homey in a safe at the moment.

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Backup and restore is announced for V2.1. it is mentioned in behind the magic july. There is An app for flow backup but nothing more than that.


I use Homey Flow Viewer when I’ve changed some flows. I print the overview to a PDF file. So I have an overview what flows and settings I use.


This app can be used to export all insights to excel. No restore funtionality though.


Thanks! I’ll try those. Is there also something to export/import Z-Wave devices? I have some of my Z-Wave switches build in to places I don’t want to reach ever again, so setting them to learn mode again would be a pain.


When is the Athom team planning to launch backup? Before backup is in place, it is a no-go for me to buy Homey. Since I am planning automate all heating, lighting and security for a my whole house, I cannot risk that all settings are gone if the Homey breaks down. And I have to say that is rather surprising that this is not supported from day number one from the Athom team…



Backup & Restore

Homey v2.0 has a new settings storage (based on SQLite), and from v2.0 Homey Apps are automatically using this improved storage as well.

Homey v2.1 will then include Backup & Restore functionality, which backups your Homey’s settings to the cloud. We’re still uncertain if the Homey Smartphone App will include Wi-Fi Setup at launch, but if we didn’t make it, Homey v2.1 certainly will, because it’s required for this feature.


Thanks for sharing Jamie! What is the actual launch date for this 2.1 version supporting backup?


There is no release date for v2.1, work on v2.0 is complete but is awaiting the new smart phone app.


I must say that I was feeling exactly the same as @kentok, not being able to do a backup and restore is serious almost deal-braking lack of functionality. Ok, as long this will be soon I can accept this and will wait any bigger or to say serious deployment until backup is available.