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Battery drain Fibaro Smoke Sensor 2

Hi all,

Since February this year, I have 3 Fibaro Smoke Sensor 2’s installed in my house. One in the kitchen, in the hall and the laundry room. The sensor in the kitchen is still using it’s original battery, currently at 65%. In the laundry room, I already had to replace the battery 3 times. And it is already low on power, I replaced the battery 11 days ago. In the hall, the battery has been replaced only once. On September 30th, I replaced the battery for a new one. On October 4th, it had drained to 5% which it still is at this moment.

The settings of all sensors is exactly the same. Could anybody help me out? Thanks! See chart below for the battery usage and the sensor settings.

Please have a look into Homey Developer (https://developer.athom.com/), then Z-Wave and then the Rx values of the Smoke Sensors.
Do the values differ significantly from each other?
Maybe the sensors with the high battery consumption have a bad Z-Wave reception and therefore send more often (more Rx values).
Here are some more information regarding the Rx values.

Thanks for your input. It could be possible that the smoke sensor in this particular room has a bad reception. Luckily, i’ve bought some Neo Coolcam smart plugs to monitor the washing machine and dryer. They will repeat the Z-wave signal in this room. Attached are the values of the Z-wave products I use.

Was the screenshot taken before or after installing the SmartPlugs? If I interpret this correctly, the signal from the smoke sensor is forwarded via a spot (perhaps also a SmartPlug, but not from the washing machine or dryer).
And I am wondering that many devices rarely sent data and battery-powered devices did not.
Did you restart your Homey?

If you use more SmartPlugs now, the Z-Wave Mesh will need some time to heal itself. You can also speed this up by clicking on the 3 points at the back and selecting Heal. For this to work on battery powered devices, you need to wake them up.

Otherwise I would now observe whether the battery still becomes so fast empty, possibly also a hardware error is present.