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Battery monitor

@Peter_Post There’s a bug in Homey Core.
As far as I know: Athom (WeeJeWel) already dealt with it and the next Homey release will (probably) contain the fix.

This is all catched by @Jamie and a temporal solution can be found here:

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Thanx Harrie. It’s working again

Same here, thanks!

@HarriedeGroot, would it be an option to add all the battery powered devices that show only ‘OK’ or ‘ALARM’ status?
My Visonic Powermax is connected to the homey and the alarm-sensors only show the battery-level as OK or NOT OK (or something alike)

Dunno if it makes sense :slight_smile:

Would not fancy that. Some devices (mostly Fibaro) don’t last long enough to raise the alarm, they just “die” after 80% to 60%. So they would only show OK and never ALARM. In these cases it is very convenient to see the remaining battery level to have an indication they are about to get empty.

@Peter_Hendrix Sorry, I’ve no plans in adding this functionality. Feel free to add it yourself and create a pull request.

Is it possible to add Nuki battery status?

Nuki doesn’t supply the battery in percentages through the API I think, there is only a parameter “battery alarm” which is true or false.