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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

Thanks for your input. Seems that your setup for BLE beacons would allow additional device support on the side of the Generic BLE Device.
I’ll try to get some of my friends to look if this could be the case.


I have ordered 4 NRF51822 beacons from aliexpress to see if this is the right app to manage pressence in my house as our Huawei phones are impossible to use with any kind of pressence. (Huawei problem not Homey). I have connected them as mentioned above. 1 is dead at arrival and 2 of them seem to work just fine. The fourth works however evry now and then it goes offline and comes online again after a minute or so. The moment that Homey notices our arrival is just bearly at the right moment when i am in front of the house so i can set a delay for using this with heimdall. However it would be nice if it was just a few seconds earlier.The distance from homey is 6 meters with a wall in between. So i hope that if i order now some tiles this would be solved or am i wrong? I asume that 1 tile for 25 euries must give a better range than a 4 euro chinese beacon?

Before ordering these expensive tiles i would like to be sure that i am ordering the right stuff.
If i have read well it can be the Tile pro and Til mate only 2018? i also see the Tile EC pro 2018. Is this also possible to use? Looks like the difference is the replaceble batt? Can anyone advise me with this before ordering?

thanks in advance

Distance and interference off a wall are very relevant factors for BLE range, but there is also the case of “scanning” for the tiles by the Homey app. For this you can try to change the settings maybe. I can imagine that Tiles have some better power, but not sure. However, the newest Tiles do NOT work with Homey, as has been described many times on this forum. Also read the first post again of this thread!

Yes i have seen tht 2020 does not work for the mate and the pro version. However i have not seen anywhere mentioned the Tile EC pro and the Tile EC mate. i think its the same but i need to be sure. Don’t want to waste more money in things that do not work

I’ve just released v1.2.10 into the store. With this release it is possible to make the automatic detection optional and add a flow card for updating beacon presence manually.

Happy testing and please share your findings!

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You are a legend. Before the automatic detection was bringing my 2016 Homey to its knees. Hence, sadly I had to give up using this app although for me it was the only reliable presence detection.

Tested now with automatic off and it works perfect. When a flow is started, it looks after beacons and finds my 2018 Tiles straight on.

Now what’s left I need to work out the perfect trigger.
Thank you @Koktail :beers: I shall keep testing and report if any issues.

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Interesting. I think a good trigger for me might be when someone opens the front door.

But how does it work with detecting when someone leaves? Is there also a trigger needed when auto detection is off?

When trigger then Homey looks for included beacons. If in range then status is set Yes and viceversa.

For example your trigger is front gate is open then Homey checks for beacons and finds yours but doesn’t found your wife’s beacon because she left the house. Yours will be Yes and wife’s will be set to No.

Yes, but when I leave, the trigger front door will still find my beacon. It only will see me as away when I actually left far enough from my house.
So I need to have 2 triggers:
-When door is opened and I’m not home, check for beacons right away.
-When door is opened and I’m home, check after 5 minutes if I’m still home

Just brainstorming, because at the moment auto detection also works fine.

Yup, that’s why I said above I need to find the perfect trigger. :grinning:

Thanks! Happy to help. Please share some flows if you have a nice one!

The joy i had with my old Tile sports! the day came that my battery’s died
so i ordered 2 new ones…

Unfortunately i came to the same conclusion as a lot of other people here
That the new tile’s don’t work as they used to

on trial i ordered these ones from aliexpress been testing them for 2 days now and have to say i am really happy with the result. Maybe also because i have been without a beacon for probably 3 months now.

anyway range is about 8 m (through 1 pane off glass and rest free sight)
if anyone is looking for a replacement i would recommend this one.
cheap and effective! and also the battery is replaceable


I have an idea for you.


When the front (or back) door is triggerd AND you are at home, start a timer of 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds check if the tile is in range, if not, you are away.

When the front (or back) door triggers AND you are away, check if your tile is in range, if so, you are back at home.

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Are these still working for you? Bought the same but after a while it will not be discovered anymore and i have to push the button on the tile. Do i miss something?

Yeah! Got it working for a month now without any problems. Still waiting for the second one to arrive from china

Before i added it to homey i did connect it to the app. maybe that’s the difference?

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Ok. Installed the app. Hope that will do the trick! Although its just for the dog😜, it would be nice if it works. Use for myself and wife the tile pro. Thanks for the tip so far!

Sorry wasn’t really clear installed the app connected the tag and then deleted the app

And do i understand you are comparing me with a dog :thinking::see_no_evil:

Whaha. No. Not at all😄

Still loses connection after a day😞

With homey? Or out of range?