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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons



Seems not everybody has the same priority’s, unfortunately


Did u guys read the post from 1 day ago?
If not, u can check it here.
Please stay on-topic. Posts like “i want my beacons back online” just 1 day after an update of the developer is not very constructive me guess.


I did


Just bought a Homey. And then you are going to purchase Beacon apss in the Homey app store and it turns out that these do not work after the update to V2. Why are not they removed?


Because athom is working on a solution


Then make a note that it does not work under this update yet.


You did not purchase the app, you installed it for free. The developer was so nice to make his work into an app instead of keeping it private. Athom broke Bluetooth, not the developer. The developer is working hard with athom to get it fixed and inform everyone here on the current status. Please be nice to the developers who provide their work for free, they do not owe you anything.


The note is in the openingspost and the readme of the latest release. Think you need to read better.


Sorry I did not know, I wish the developer a lot of success with programming


Thank you very much.