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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons


It’s not released yet by Athom… :soon:


#soon :joy:


Why not? Minor FW-updates have been going in a steady release-cycle lately…

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Only mobile app update for today i’m afraid😬

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Homey v2.0.5-rc.2 is released! Has somebody tested it?


Kinda scared to leave 1.5 behind. Anyone dares?
How easy is it to reverse back


Most people already did. And there is no reversing…


Quenstion was if somebody tested the beacon app :wink:

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That is what I meant S well :stuck_out_tongue:




I cannot test the app at this moment. I’ll try once i’ve soms moment.

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Will it work with 1.2.1 Or do we need 1.2.2 ?


Only difference is the icon


for now, it seems to work! Just updated and beaacon is detected from my housemate while mine is not (I’m not home :))

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after update or restart homey that’s usual. It has to be detected once before you can see if it works. Maybe you can ask your housmate to leave for a moment?


Hello All, @Koktail
For me the beacon is working again. Finally :grinning::grinning:
I have a tile pro with replacable battery and check it many times.


what si that surveaillance app of yours?


done, still working :slight_smile:


The survaillance app is Heimdall

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It look likes mine is working also. I am very happy with it.

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