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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

Passed the test. Works like charme!

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Thanks for the update.
I hope Athom releases the final firmware soon, so I can finally update :blush:

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Works for me too. Great work Athom!

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And Koktail

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Doesn’t recognize my Tile Pro :thinking:
Latest Homey update, beta beacon app
Already rebooted Homey, removed the battery from Tile, checked with Tile app on phone (and removed the app + disabled BT on phone)

Any ideas?

Got it, removed beacon app, installed stable version if beacon app. Then updated to beta…success!!

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I did the same, but it looks like there is no support for my chipolo classics :frowning:

Oh WOW, Fitbit and Smartwatch also detected! :star_struck:
so many possibilities!

And the TV!
Can not be stolen anymore.:rofl:


:disappointed_relieved: My Keeper Change not her Stats. They are allways: Detected.
Have anybody an Idea?
Homey is 2.05rc2.
Bacon App deinstall, install and Update to Beta does not working.

Did you remove tile app itself aswell?

Yes, with homey 1.5 it was working. Now I have made a second reinstall of the Beacon App, and now the keeper are no longer displayed to pair.

Strange maybe @Koktail knows?

No idea about which devices are supported or not

Finally i managed to add my Tile Pro beacons succesfully.
However the presence detection does not work…
What i tried:
Deleted the Tile app on phone and tablet
PTP homey (several times)
Deleted beacon app, reinstalled (beta) and added devices again
Removed/replaced Tile battery (several times)

Homey 2.0.4
Beacon app 1.2.1 (after installing 1.0.17)

In the flow webeditor all previous added beacons are still visible , even after deleting the app, flows and ptp.

Anyone have a clue?

The version of Homey is not compatible. It must be > 2.0.5-rc3

Thanks, update in progress :grinning:

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Hello Community,

Question: how to rekognize my beacons?
When I first setup the beacons on my “old” Homey I installed one beacon after another (fresh and never connected ones) now on my new Homey all beacons are sending and I don‘t know which beacon is which.

How do I realise the right beacon?


…and confirm, it works with rc2.0.5-rc3.
Thanks Koktail👍


You have rc3 already?