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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons


The discovery timeout is adjustable in the app’s settings. You can wait for a couple of minutes before trying the pair your device. (the update sequence stores the find devices in memory, and that is used for the pairing process) I’ve release v2.1.3 (currently in review) where in that mechanism is removed and the pairing part is doing’ its own discovery sequence. (based on the discovery timeout described above)



Hi. Not sure if I am doing something wrong here, but I have installed the latest app and added my Tile Pro. I also created two flows for testing. One has the trigger “The beacon is outside range” and then sends a notification “left home”. The second flow has the trigger “The beacon is inside range” and then sends a notification “arrived home”. Even if my Tile is approx. 6 m from my Homey, I keep getting notifications that I have “left home” and “arrived home” every minutes or so. Is this a normal behaviour?



I’m not sure if you meant the discovery timeout works in the current version or is just in the new version?
I tried adjusting that in the current version but it made no difference as far as I could tell.

I will wait try the new version when it is available.

Edit: or do you mean it searches for that time prior to pairing and then picks up the result in the paring process?



Same problem here




another question :slight_smile:
would it be possible that the icon recognizes the status in the device overview (bright = detected, dark = not detected)?

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I have different tokens, but one of them had the same behaviour and than stopped being detected al together. I replaced the battery and now it’s fine again.



This would be very nice. Because right now i’ve to press each icon first.

Further, the app works like charme within a minute.

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What settings do you have?



There is no possibility for that in api afaik. Or do you mean introducing an onoff capability?



the default settings.



hmm maybe we don’t speak from the same :frowning:
i made some screenshots to see exactly what i mean

at the moment all icons have the same “status”



I started with the default settings, but then I changed to this since I saw somebody else using this with better result. But still the same behavior. Will try to replace the battery, but it’s strange since the Tile is totally new…



Try a discovery timeout of 10 seconds, this will give you more time.



I’m not sure if this is possible but could you set the on/off property if it’s not defined and would it turn the tile on and off?
If the property has to be defined can you do that but not register a call back so it doesn’t turn the tile on and off when it’s touched?
Or maybe set up an alarm property so the tile has an icon in the top right.
It would be nice to see if the tag is detected without having to long press on the tile.



OK. clear difference between a tile mate and a tile pro. with the tile mate in the house always mention absent / present. with the pro no problem (so far)



There are 2 different things:

The beacon is detected/not detected
The beacon is in range/not in range

Is the current implementation the app detemine the ‘range’ based on how many times an beacon is ‘detected’ (counter is reset by a switch)

Exposing the ‘detected’ state raise more questions than answers most likely. Adding an onoff capability for showing the ‘range’ in the list view is a nice feature. It requires an full repair however.



This visual difference is (i assume) based on the state of the on/off capability that is not present at this moment in the app.



What is a logic approach for the ‘alarm’ capability. The ‘!’ with the ‘in range’ or the ‘out range’?



The alarm option was just an alternative to the on/off if that would cause problems. If that’s the way to go then either is arguably correct but I would think ‘!’ Is possibly the best for in range.
I think on/off makes most sense though from a users perspective.



Problem with the Tile mate
The Tile mate is recognized in the app but does not respond to presence and absence. The testing is going well, but when I leave or come home nothing happens
I have removed the Tile mate app from the Iphone,
Battery from tile mate also removed a few times but also did not help, so I went to doubt the Tile mate but that works just on another phone. How are standing the privacy and location in homey?