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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons


ah< I see. yeah, also have the NRF etc etc.


are there still problems? 3 tile mate no longer works, they did it for a while. they remain fixed on the status. refusing and re-registering does not help


There still seems to be problems, although my tilepro’s still working without any problems


Its a random thing i guess. Had a problem with a tile pro, 2 days doing nothing after that its working again.

Tile sport np, but its a strange thing and looks it can be randomly happend with at least with the tiles


The random not discovering thingy started happening to me last night on my nRF51822

Weird. Ah well. Trying to re ad and for now telling Alexa to turn my beacon off.


I had one that suddenly didn’t respond. I just removed the battery and now it’s working flawlessly again.


Hmm. The apps also says time out…


Didn’t seem to work :s


I got the tile mate not working while it always worked well under 1.5. Reinstalling the app and re-registering the tiles did not help. within 24 hours each of them lingered. After many times, Homey gave a new clean setup. it seems that it is working 100% again. already 3 days without a problem.


The issue https://github.com/athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues/issues/77 should be resolved in Homey v2.1.2-rc.4.