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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

Simple flows like: When Beacon X is out of range, and nobody is at home, then change surveillance mode to ARMED.

If I reboot homey every night, It works perfect (most of the times).
Problems started since some firmware version ago…

I think to remember the first version 2. x homey firmware also had trouble with something like this. (cache?)

I don’t have any flows at the moment. I just check the device overview to see if it properly tracked that I left.

And if I don’t reboot daily. It’s frozen. For all my beacons. Moving in or out isn’t doing anything

I had the same issue on my previous Homey

This is strange. When I scan for new beacon devices within beacon app in Homey I get all my sonos speaker listed also my LG TV but not my Tile pro 2020 keytags. I have uninstalled the tile app which I downloaded from app store and disabled bluetooth on my phone so that these Tile Pro that I have dont connect to my phone anymore.

It wont show up even if I restart the homey hub or reinstall the beacon app or remove the battery and reinsert it in tile pro.

Any ideas?

That is weird. Battery replace I would try.

Are They properly working with the tile App?

Yes they work properly with tile app. I bought them yesterday.

Hello all, i just got my tile pro too, hoping to get a good presence running. But unfortunately running into trouble as well.

I can connect tiles to Homey and initially i get presence. Once i get out of range (kitchen foil :smiley:) Homey reports out of range. However when back in range Homey doesn’t get it back.

Reinstalled app, rebooted Homey, removed battery and reconnected, and all in different order. Doesn’t help. I read some people having same issue above but not really a solution. Is it me, and can i do something i didn’t try?

Try removing the Tiles from your phone Tile app. When using them as beacons for Homey, they can only be used as such and no longer as normal Tiles

You can only hide them in Tile app which I already did but removing them completely is not possible once it’s been activated. Are these tiles now useless?

I would suggest these:

Then you can use your Tiles as regular ones :wink:

If you hide the tiles you want to use for presence detection in the tile app, they work with homey.

You can unhide them in the tile app again if you want to use the tile app functionality in case you really lost your keys etc…

With tiles hidden in the tile app the presence detection with homey/beacon is almost 100% for me.

Well for me when its hide or unhide in the tile app it doesn’t appear in the beacon app from Homey. Doesn’t matter in what state it is. Its not visible at all.

Don’t know what’s happening then, it’s working for me.
Good luck on solving the mystery.

Thank you. For me hiding tiles worked. Tested couple of times now. Both tiles being picket up when in range now

Are these battery included?

No, but inexpensive CR2032 are needed

I think its because I have the new Tile Pro 2020. These are not picket up by Beacon app. Dont know why but something that need to be investigated.
Hope someone can help out. Who is writting the code for Beacon app?

Read this post from the beginning and you shall find out the author of Beacon app.

When the Tile pro is in pairing mode then the device is discoverable in the Homey app. When the device is connected to the app the device is only discoverable based on its uuid.

If you put the Tile pro in pairing mode (and its not connected to another device already) it should be discoverable by Homey. Otherwise there is something wrong with your BLE module in Homey (hardware/software).

Exactly the same for me

The same for me. I also have 2 tile pro 2020 and are working fine on the phone app. But not visible in the beacon app. I tried rebooting the homey and hide the tiles in the tile app. And removing the tile app and turning off the Bluetooth on my phone. Nothing seems to help.