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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

Koktail, I dont believe its something wrong with my BLE module in Homey. If that was the case its really unlikely that same issue is seen by so many other that owns these Tile Pro 2020. We cant all have same hardware issue.
My BLE modulein Homey is actually detecting other units, like my LG TV, all my Sonos speakers so why is Tile Pro 2020 a problem?

If Homey detects other BLE devices it is not the BLE module. My experience with the 2019 model is that the BLE module will become unstable when mem is high.

About your problem with the tile pro. If the device is not publicly discoverable for some time the app cannot get its ‘adress’. That make the tile pro 2020 uncompatibel with the beacon app.

I’ve have looked into your issue if i had a 2020 model and was not bussy with rebuiling my house.

The beacon can be attached by pairing it to Homey. Implementing this feature is very timeconsuming. Something that i don’t have at the moment. But I’ll merge any good addition or new feature to the app.

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Anyone with a tile 2020 which is working in the app in homey? I tried a new one that hasn’t been connected to the mobile app as well as one that is connected to my android and then put into hide. Nothing works

I can now confirm that Tile Pro 2020 is not working with this Beacon app. I bought yesterday 2 new Tile Pro 2018 versions and they are discovered without any problem.

I have both Tile Pro 2020 and Tile Pro 2018 in Hide mode in their Tile app.


Thanks for sharing!

Hi !
could you please confirm that the app does not work with Homey Pro (Early 2019) version 3.1.0 ?