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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

Thanks for the quick reply!

Witch device do you recommend? As the Tile 2018 cant be bought anymore.

This one? https://www.coolblue.nl/product/860132/chipolo-one-zwart.html

These work like a charm

Thanks Peter! If their are no quiker solutions (Bol/Coolblue) then i will buy this one.

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They are arrived and added to Homey.
Only this night they are Gone away and back home for a couple of times.

Any idea or settings that need to be modified in the Beacon app?

Flow: https://homey.app/f/1c_DWk

The BLE layer in Homey core has an cache meganism for some time. This means that if the beacon has a false reading (what is usually does once in a while). That is cached for 5 minutes. So the verification steps get the cached version again.

I’ve fix it by only scanning for new beacons when the front door or backdoor is open. (For detecting outside).

You can try to update the refesh timeout to more then 5 minutes and lower the verification from 5 to 2.

I use the same settings, but this never occurred in my situation. You could try @Koktail settings above?

Because I also had some problems with the detection of the beacon, I disabled it for the moment. But I would like to use it as a backup for presence detection. So I changed the settings like your suggestion.
Could you also explain or post your flows? That would be fine.