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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

I’ve just released an fix for this at test:

v1.3.2 - 30.06.2021

  • directly use settings when changed
  • update minimal interval to 15 seconds
  • update maximal verification to 30 seconds
  • removed timeout config because it is deprecated from Homey 6.0.0

Where can it get the… Beta? :slight_smile:

For all aps in the Athom app store, you can access beta slash test versions by altering the URL and add /test or test to it (one / is enough).
If the official version is shown again after altering the URL, a beta slash test version isn’t available.

Like https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.koktail.beacon/Beacon/test


Hi Leendert, the bug should be fixed @ v7.0.0, but the false positives still occur a few times a day… the beacons were lying on a fixed spot and didn’t move.
I can’t discover a pattern either.
Any thoughts?
Any hints for proper batteries anyone? I’m aware that using no-name (Grundig) discounter models can be a negative factor.

FW v7.1.0
Beacon v1.3.2 test

The issue is fixed. Only the new firmware uses a fixed discovery time. (It was configurable). That is the reason why there are discovery failures.

Besides that athom add a cache layer that holds the discovered devices for some time.

I cannot make any improvements besides asking athom to change the mechanism.

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Thanks, I know it’s at Athom’s side and hope they’ll fine tune those things .

Just an idea: is it possible to rename the capability signal_strength to f.i. measure_signalstrength ?
Like the Flower Care flora_

This way the signal gets displayed on the tile.

No hurries! And thanx in advance.

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Hello @Peter_Kawa,
Starting from Homey firmware v6.0.0 Athom shortened to 5 seconds the BLE discovery period.
To increase the likelihood that a beacon will be discovered in a shorter period, one solution is to reduce the period with which the beacon repeats its signal.
With Homey v5.0.0 and the default discovery timeout of Beacon app (10 seconds) the best tradeoff (for me) between discover reliability and battery consumption was 1000 milliseconds. Starting with Homey v6.0.0 I reduced the period of all my beacons to 750~850 milliseconds. This period ensures (for me) a reliable presence detection.

Another (indirect) way for improving the BLE presence detection is to filter the false positives with a contact alarm (or a smart lock) on the main entrance door connected to Homey.
The basic flow for using a beacon that updates Homey presence is:

When… The beacon is outside range
Then… Mark a person as away

The filter is a condition flow card to be added to previous basic flow. The idea is that no one can leave the house without going through the main entrance door:

And… The main entrance door contact alarm status has changed within the last n seconds

The value n should be set according the parameters of beacon app:
n = (5 + “The delay between reading sensor values”) * “Verification amount outside range”

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Thanks! It’s a bit funny how Athom’s “improvements” sometimes makes things worse.

I have 4 flows for 1 beacon (no door (lock) check) to make it work for me.
Including timers, away/home status conditions.
But t.b.h. the timers make no sense anymore, while false positives happen just a few times a day. It’s a wireless protocol, I know, and “misfires” can happen too.

Only with confirmation push messages I can prevent my home from switching home/away when it shouldn’t.

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