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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons

Hey guys,

I just upgraded from 4.x to latest. I’m getting some weird updates from my Tiles.

What are the most common settings these days?

And second question.

Do you update the Presence of a user based on a Beacon?

I’m getting some “timing” issues in which the phone and the tile leave the building at the same time. Does the smart phone app over rule the presence of a user?

You have to make your own flow for changing the location of a user. You can find all the answers in this topic.

Yeah I understand. But I wonder the following.

If a mobile phone leaves, can I block Homey setting the user to away if the BLE is still here?

Not if your using homeys build in geofence i suppose. Then you have to use macodroid oid

You can’t prohibit Homey to mark that user as “Away”. That’s a bit of a bummer.
But that is kind of solvable:
It depends what you tell Homey what to do when Homey detects a user/phone as “Away”.

This flow doesn’t run if a beacon’s status is marked “within reach”.

You’ll have to use a similar flow for the beacon.
Beacon is out of reach
AND (homey presence) PersonX is away
Do the “PersonX left the house” routines


Thanks for the tip. I was trying to solve the situation in which my gf takes my keys and here phone out.

Then all are marked as away.

Maybe I’ll disable gps acces for the Homey app on both phones. Then my beacons are leading.

Btw. Are you asking your phone whether the system should set itself to away? What do you see on your phone? A yes/no. Or just the notification.


A question with a yes or no option. Ignoring it is the same as answering “no”

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How long does that take in ur flows?
Been waiting for this for like 4 years but in 6.x it’s still not there it seems.

I’m not sure what you mean.
Hope this answers your Q:
I’ve done some testing, the ignore holds until the flow is triggered again. And then it just sends the same ack question again.

If yes turn light 2 on.
ELSE If no (is the same as ignored u say) turn light 3 on. Light 3 is never turned on, unless u click no urself.

That’s true Roco. My bad!

Well , this was working in like 1.5 or something. Then it disappeared and never came back.
I used it for the tv and lights.
Question: is there anybody still awake?
If yes do nothing.
If no/ignored turn off the tv and the lights.

I did some tests Roco. I’m using it since the first v5 rc’s.
It now works different, compared to the earlier fw versions so it seems?
Normal ack:

Reversed ack:

Note the reversed state it’s not visible
This is the push ack card:

I now have started a test flow, ignored the push ack, and going to wait (24hrs) for what happens next.
Curious if there’s a time limit at some point.

Last time I checked, the flow stayed on hold for 1 hour.

U can wait until u weigh an ons but nothing is going to happen.

But on hold is not a “no”.
After an hour nothing happens. U know who knows what we are missing but is busy with other things.
Putting on the forums that we need this option does not affect any of it.

Almost there, I have about 5 ‘ons’ to lose, but still no push msg from the flow.:sweat_smile:
But I got your point.
Going back to my pizza and beer diet now!