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Beacon - An app for presence detection using BLE beacons



Are the devices always outside or inside range? Have you other apps that uses BLE?


I have 3 of these and they work great with Homey Firmware 1.5.x. They have a range of approx. 5 meters.


No it’s first time using ble, no other apps.

The beacons are frozen in or out of range. Not always in or out.

It feels like that the ble module freezes up. And no idea what the trigger or couse is.


They work very good in deed, the range is not that far however.


The issue you describe looks simular as issues i’ve had when Homeys BLE was in its early days. I’ve first developed xiaomi mi flora, on that app the firmware 1.5.3 required a reboot every now and than.

However i cannot verify the issue from the logs.

Can you try the follow:

  1. Remove all beacons from the app.
  2. Remove the app from Homey.
  3. PTP of Homey and wait 10 minutes.
  4. Install tile app on mobile and attach the beacons to it.
  5. Test if the beacons respond from the mobile tile app.
  6. Disable BL on your phone.
  7. Install ‘beacons app’.
  8. Pair your beacons again in Homey. (They are inside range)
  9. Wait 1 minute.
  10. Enable BLE on your phone (They connect to the beacons, and they are not discoverable anymore)
  11. Wait 1 minute.
  12. The beacons are outside ran? Go further.
  13. Disable BLE on your phone.
  14. The beacons are inside ran? Try 10 again.

If either 12 or 14 failed, send a log to the developer and note the time the action failed.


First of all, thanks for all the help so far.

I did all the steps. All the steps were successful. I did like 10 times enabling/disabling BL on my phone. And each time it works flawless.

Now time will tell if it continues to work.

I’ll do a donation when i have this up & running :slight_smile:


I checked the release notes, but can’t find the answer. Does the latest version of this App work with the latest Homey firmware (v.2.0)?

If it works, do I need to re-add the beacons?

Thank you!


Read the Q&A in the OP.

Q3 Is the app compatibel with v2.0.0?

All the functionality is the same in the v2 compatibel version: v1.2.0 . All issues of not triggering flowcards are resolved in the newest RC as wel. Except for the discovery of the beacon itself. That does not give 'live results as mentioned in de skd-app issue ticket to athom on github. Athom is looking for a fix for this issue ‘soon’ untill than the app wil not be compatibel.

You don’t have to re-add the beacons if the issue is resolved, there is nothing changed about the driver and devices itself.


This is what Emile said yesterday: All BLE issues: We will address this issue in a 2.x release. Sorry for the delay!


Thanks @Koktail and @Peter_de_Vos

So, your App is working but it’s a Athom issue that prevents the beacons from being discovered in the current v2.0 firmware.

I guess I’ll wait for the v2.x (hope that it’s not v2.9…) release :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it didn’t help. It stopped working again after x-hours. I’m mailing Athom support…


Have you send a log to the developer when this happend?



For the people that don’t follow a lot of threads on the forum: I’m asking for support for a second Homey to make my home automation stable for myself. Every small donation is very much appreciated! :hugs:

Please do not feel obligated to donate. if you are not in the position or if you want using the app for free it is your right to do so.


I can do that again; but last time you didn’t see anything. So I assumed that would be the case again.

And; I was doing those steps and it all worked. It’s after a x hours that it stops


Please add your brand/type to the list!

Beacon name Max range (through concrete)
Tile Pro 8m
Tile Mate 8m
Nordic nRF51822 5m
iTag Turns off after 15 minutes


How can i add these to homey? I can’t get it done by the tile android app? I’ve bought two rf51822 beacons but homey (2.0)won’t detect them.


There is a bug in 2.0 which makes this app unusable for now :s. Not the apps fault


The. 1 rc 2 doesn’t seem to fix it… Looking at the log


Ok, thank you victor. I thought it was fixed allready…