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Beginner with first app


Hi, I have a Minimote fob controller (z-wave) which I’m trying to get working via my first ever app.

I’ve managed to get the app running and have paired the Minimote via the app. I have set up a flow which currently just has homey talk if a button is pressed.

I can see button presses in the log file from the divice as COMMAND_CLASS_SCENE_ACTIVATION logs.

However the device is showing up as offline and the app is not responding to the button presses.

Any tips on how to debug this?


Ok, I got passed the offline issue (turn it off and on again).

Now to debug why the app does not do the flow.


All working once I had registerReportListener listening to the right stuff :slight_smile:


Well done!

If you are running into issues with developing an app; you’re able to get almost instant support at Slack in the #developers channel