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Belkin wemo support stopped?

Disregard, I found what I was looking for.

Good to hear :slight_smile:

Hello, since V5 upgrade, wemo app is not anymore compatible and doesn’t work! I tried to do differently with IFTTT but since we need to pay, i can choose only already configured flows with IFTTT free version :’(

Would there be a beautiful soul able to help me? :slight_smile:

Looking here the app is discontinued!

Guess it’s time to move on to Sonoff/Tasmota for all plugs then :slight_smile:
I liked the Wemo’s because they were the first Wi-fi smart plugs i had.
However I’ve always experienced instability either by devices not being discoverable occasionally or simply just not reacting.
I have never had any issues with Sonoff in that regard. The Sonoffs are also 10* as cheap :slight_smile: