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Benext app

I received a tagreader 500 the other day but I can’t seem to figuer out how to add tags / codes to the app.

Like mentioned on other topics I tried Home => tag or Home => pin => Enter. I have allowed the adding of new tags / pins.

Anyone else having this problem?

Is your Home Alarm state disarmed?

Do you mean when you open the tagreader device? By default its on blank but I changed it to disarmed. Still no luck though.

Could you send an app crash report?

Sure thing! just created one with ID: f58f11d5-fec3-461c-bb39-854334d1bc03

I’ll look over that but I’ll need some time

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It seems the driver is written for local mode but the device is in gateway mode.

Please go to the device -> advanced settings -> raw configuration parameter -> 7,1,1;
Wake up the device when saving the settings (Press 4 seconds the enter button)

Nice! thank you, this works now :slight_smile: Might be good to mention this somewhere in the settings.

Thanks for your feedback. For the next App version the setting will be automatically set on pairing the device. I will add a note to the readme.

This apps keep crashing since it is updated to v1.0.6
can this be fixed?

I already send a report (using the app) to the developer see:

I am also having this issue… Maybe turn auto update off for the next apps.


Also the Heating Controller is not working anymore.
It still receives heatpoints but can not send them.

Anyone else with this problem?

same problem, reported this on github also a lot of other users but there is no respond from the developer.
After 1 month still no solution

Ik heb problemen met mij P1 van Benext, ik krijg deze wel geïnstalleerd maar vervolgens geen uitlezing van mij slimme meter, heeft iemand een oplossing?

Will be fixed soon

That is exactly what the developer also reported over 1 month ago, but nothing seems to happening, no feedback, replies etc . (i do not call 1 month soon btw)

Over 1 month ago it was still sunny and warm so no hurry there, but now it is getting colder each day and i would like to use the thermostat again to turn on the heat so now and then.

Heb je wel de instelling goed staan. Bij mij werkt ie wel gewoon. Hieronder mijn instellingen

Plz keep the conversation in English.

This are my settings for the p1. When I make a new connection then I will see the current position. When I make later a update then I see the same position from the new connection.