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Benext app

these are not the settings of the Heating control device.

We are 2 weeks further and still nothing, no respond on githut no update and still a not working Heating control device :frowning:

That’s correct, I was responding on the issue of dijkgraaf 88 which was the question about the benext P1

ok, but sadly we are one week further and still no solution etc…

Now running homey v3 and still no update with a solution for this problem.

The Energy function in the smartphone app adds the energy value of the P1 meter to the total value measured by Homey. According to Athom support this is due to the fact that the P1 implementation is missing a reference to the fact that this is a “total value” meter.
Is there a way to influence the behavior myself? If not, I’ll patiently wait for the developer.

Is there someone who can update me on the problem regarding the heating control?

Would it be fixed soon if I make a financial contribution? Days are getting colder…

Did you tried the test version? (v1.1.1)

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Thanks. I thinks this one works :slight_smile: great!


I succeeded to connect the tagreader 500 to my homey now. In the tagreader app I am able to add users, however I cannot add tags.
According to the manual a user report should be generated when ‘logging in’ with a tag or code, but no report seems to be available.

Does someone have tips?