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Best smart plug



Which smart plugs do you recommend?

It is important that they work on its own and do not require a controller/hub/bridge.
Like Wemo and TP-link.
(I want to be able to firmware update them without having to buy a specific controller for them)

Right now I use Wemo and they have worked very well. But I am looking for an alternative that works with Homey 2.0.

What about smart plugs from Nexa?


I only have Neo Coolcam plugs and i am very satisfied with them. They work flawlessly, have a switch button for manual switching and an indication led for status. They also report current, voltage and power. Bought them from Ali for about 19-20 euro’s a piece.

I don’t have the faintest idea if the firmware is update-able and how to do that. But they work fine, so i don’t really see the need for that.


I use one TP-Link HS110 So I can PtP of Homey when on holiday…
Works Perfect and the plug is compatible with Homey thanks to @anne for the App!
the HS110 measures power/current/voltage and energy used.


I use Osram Smart+ Plug ZigBee. I am happy with them. Sometimes they are on sale for €14, but most of the time for about €20. You can not update them on their own. They have a manual switch on it with a led status light as well. No hub needed.

Using Sonoff S20 wifi as well, €11. Have flashed them with Tasmota firmware and for that you have to like tinkering.
But after that you can update them on their own (and no more tinkering). They have a manual switch on it with a led status light as well. No hub needed.


I use fibaro smart plugs, a bit expensive but the builtquality is great, de led ring is also a cool feature too. they work flawless and always report the correct status and power


I also have the Fibaro plugs. In general I’m happy with the plugs. They respond quickly, were easy to pair and feel very sturdy. I personally don’t use the LED-ring feature (As they are out of sight in my case) but I do like the feature that it’s possible! It was one of the reason I chose these plugs for possible future use where I could want to have the LED-ring.